Translate videos automatically: boundless knowledge for international teams and organizations

Our mission

Making any video content accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. For better understanding, diversity and connected people and markets. vidby - preserving linguistic diversity and knowledge.

With vidby, intercultural teams get a simple and fast technology for the automatic translation of videos. The moving image medium thus takes on a new role in intercultural collaboration for building knowledge and communicating content and messages.

vidby’s story

vidby is based on advanced methods and algorithms for automatic translation of video soundtracks. An international team of scientists and business and marketing experts uses the technology for a unique SaaS application:

Founded in the fall of 2021, Switzerland-based vidby AG markets the technology to video and communications professionals.

Sep 2021
Registration of vidby AG
Oct 2021
Market launch of the first commercial version
Nov 2021
Marketing hypothesis testing
Dec 2021
Improvement of the order processing form
Jan 2022
Improving the quality of translation
Feb 2022
Updated transcript editor
Mar 2022
Subscription for business customers
Apr 2022
Partnership with major influencer networks
May 2022
Entry into the online education market
Development of speech technologies (new voices broken down by age of emotion)
Entry into the US market

Our commitment

We believe in a world of boundless knowledge and easy sharing across all language barriers. The medium of video provides a fast and sustainable spread of knowledge and strengthens social relationships that can make our planet a better place.

vidby - preservinglinguistic diversity and knowledge