Artificial intelligence from vidby translates and dubs videos

Start-ups and SMEs use our software just as much as large, internationally active organizations, NGOs and influencers and bloggers.

With vidby, you can enter new markets cheaper and effectively without language barriers, lead international teams, and embed knowledge regardless of location or language.

Vidby also researches and works in the areas of live translation as well as conference translation simultaneously in over 70 languages – in all language pairs.

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Our products bring you advantages

Increase reach, views and subscribers
Our technologies allow you to get high-quality video translations in over 70 languages. This allows you to successfully bring your videos to the world with all the stories, messages and content.
Achieve higher income and new business ideas
With vidby, you can reach new customers from other countries in no time. Among other things, this opens up new business opportunities and additional revenue from your digital advertising campaigns.
Quick translation result
We have spared no resources in developing a translation software that gives you both quality and speed. The result: one minute of original video is completely translated and dubbed for you in only about two minutes.
Minimum investment, maximum result and quality
With a few clicks, you can get your video translation and dubbing at a cheap rate. No more need for complicated contracts, dubbing artists, sound engineers, translators or expensive studio equipment. Video translation is efficient and cost-effective.

We develop and research new products

vidby develops and researches new, sophisticated voice interfaces for natural interaction. The goal: Different voice colours with a variety of emotional expressions are offered to match the protagonists of the videos. The voices can be clearly assigned to an age category and a biological sex.

In the future, vidby's speech interfaces will even be able to convey emotions such as joy, anger, amazement or sadness. vidby's sophisticated translation technology will ultimately even recognize emotions and intonations. It defines sentence boundaries for real-time translation.

Speech and music can also be subsequently removed from an audio file. Spelling and punctuation is automatic.

Our current developments:


  • Joy
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Surprise
  • Fear
  • Disgust

Speech synthesizer

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Seniors