Ethical Code of Artificial Intelligence Use for Translations and Dubbing by vidby

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Mission and Values:

a. We are committed to using AI technology responsibly to enhance translation and dubbing services.

b. We prioritize the highest anti-fake safety standards, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of translated and dubbed content.

c. We promote and preserve linguistic diversity, valuing and respecting all languages and cultures.

d. We strive to prevent discrimination of any kind, ensuring equal representation and opportunities for all.

Ethnical code of artificial intelligence

Linguistic Equality:

a. We recognize the importance of linguistic equality and aim to bridge language barriers.

b. We support the right of every individual to access information and communicate in their own language.

c. We work towards making content available in multiple languages, reducing reliance on a single dominant language.

Voice Diversity and Representation:

a. We promote inclusivity by offering a wide range of voices for dubbing in various languages.

b. We ensure representation of diverse age groups, including children, teenagers, adults, and senior people, to avoid unintended ageism.

c. We strive to offer an inclusive selection of male and female voices to cater to the preferences of users of all genders.

Collaboration and Industry Standards:

a. We actively encourage competitors and industry stakeholders to join us in adopting this ethical code.

b. We aim to establish industry-wide standards for the responsible implementation of AI technology in translation and dubbing processes.

c. We promote transparency, open dialogue, and knowledge sharing to foster ethical practices in the AI-powered language services sector.

Security and Integrity:

a. We prioritize the security and protection of personal data and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

b. We implement measures to combat the creation and dissemination of fake news and misinformation through our AI-powered services.

c. We commit to regularly reviewing and updating our AI models and algorithms to maintain high ethical standards. 
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