How to pick a strategy to reach the global audience on YouTube?

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When your YouTube channel is growing in popularity, more and more people from different countries want to watch it. And what is more important, these people want to watch your video content and understand it. To allow the viewers to watch your videos on YouTube, you need to decide which strategy you will use, whether it is the maintenance of one channel but in different languages or the creation of several channels dedicated to separate regions.

One YouTube channel but in different languages

If you decide to go this way and maintain only one YouTube channel but in multiple languages,it is worth considering the beneficial side of this choice, such as incorporating video translation to reach a wider international audience.

The benefits of using this strategy

Brand equity

The first evidential benefit of using this strategy lies in the equity of your brand. You have only one channel, and your audience will know everything is posted in one place. Consequently, the fan base will be gathered in one place as well.

Low cost

It is well-known that the maintenance and promotion of even one YouTube channel, independent of its language, like English or German , is costly. And having two or more channels will significantly impact your wallet. So, this strategy will help you reduce the costs in some way and use the saved money on the translation.

The management of one channel

The next obvious advantage of this strategy lies in management. It cannot be said that managing one channel on YouTube is an easy task, and the management of a few more channels requires even more effort.

The simplicity of finding your brand

And that last but not least advantage of having just one channel in different languages is the simplicity of your brand search. Your subscribers will know that you have one channel, and all content will be posted there. Thus, you and your users will benefit from this strategy.

Useful tools

The following tools will be friendly helpers for you. They will make it much easier to manage your YouTube channel and make it convenient for your viewers.

For adding subtitles

3Play Media is an effective service that allows you not only to deal with closed captioning in many different languages (including Spanish and French ) but also to add real-time captions from Ukrainian to Polish or another language while you are streaming.

Cielo24 is a helpful tool that simplifies the process of adding closed captions to your videos in many languages, like Ukrainian , Russian, etc.

For creating playlists

YouTube Playlist Helper is an extension designed to help you create and edit playlists on YouTube. It is available for the users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

YouTube Playlist (the inner YouTube’s project) is a free tool that helps to build and edit playlists around the video streaming service YouTube.

How to pick a strategy to reach the global audience on YouTube

Different YouTube channels for the different target audiences

The second strategy to be mentioned is the creation of multiple channels on YouTube that will be specifically focused on different target audiences. It means that for the citizens of the United States, you have one English-speaking channel, and the citizens of Italy will be able to watch your video content in Italian on a separate channel. This strategy is designed to be more personalized because each target audience is considered individually. But what are the benefits of using this strategy?

The benefits of using this strategy

Different keywords in different languages

One of the most obvious reasons (and benefits) for using this strategy lies in using different keywords. This diversification will help you to use more relevant keywords for this or that region and, meanwhile, increase the reach of your channel.

Interaction between channels

While having different channels, it is extremely easy to link one channel to the other. Who knows, maybe some of your subscribers are bilingual or multilingual. Some of them can get even more advantages from the video content you post on different channels in various languages.

Clear content for everyone

And finally, the last benefit that is crucially important is that your content will be watched by people who are capable of understanding it. These people will be sure that this video content is relevant and useful. So, both sides will be happy.

Separation of your video content

People from different counties have different interests, and leading your YouTube channels in different languages allows you to separate the content and make it exceptional for different target audiences. Your subscribers will be absolutely sure that this content is translated and dubbed in the language they know and understand.

Useful tools

For managing multiple channels

YouTube Studio is an official application developed by the video hosting and streaming service YouTube. It allows you to easily access your videos and see different helpful stats, like analytics, comments, and so on.

Hootsuite is an innovative platform that helps you publish your video content according to the chosen schedule across multiple channels.

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