December 2, 2023

How to Add Subtitles to a Zoom Recording?

The Covid pandemic of 2020 and the shift to remote work had marked the ascendance of Zoom software for online meetings. Today, it remains one of the most widely used instruments. Recorded Zoom meetings are an important part of the corporate workflow. Learn how to make these recordings even more useful with captions and subtitles.  

how to add captions to Zoom recordings

With the advent of remote meetings, online webinars and conferences, online communications tools like Zoom have come to the fore. It is relatively easy to use, but it is hard to keep tabs on everything that arises during those meetings, which is why they are recorded. The issue of adding subtitles to recordings of those meetings and webinars regularly comes up. Let’s talk about how to add captions to Zoom recordings and much more.

How to record Zoom meetings and download them if you’re not the administrator

If you are not a Zoom meeting’s administrator, you cannot officially record and download it. However, there are numerous screen recorder tools available online. If you need to record a company meeting or a webinar to refresh your memory later, use such a tool to create a downloadable recording. Once you have the recording, you can move to Step 2 of the algorithm below.

Add subtitles to your Zoom recordings using an auto-caption generator

If you administer the Zoom meeting, your job is even easier. Just follow these steps.

Step 1 – Record and Download your Zoom Meeting

Record the meeting within Zoom software, no external tools necessary. Just don’t forget to hit the Record button before the meeting starts. To download the recorded meeting, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Zoom web portal
  • Click on the Recordings on the left-hand side navigation bar
  • Find the recording you want to download and select the checkbox next to it
  • Tap on the dotted line and click on the Download  

Step 2 – Submit Your Zoom Recording for Transcription

Choose an online service for transcription. Vidby has an AI-powered transcription service with several tiers of quality. And with our new subscription plans and monthly credits, even Free users can get 50 minutes of video transcribed for free every month. 

Upload your video to the platform, select the subtitle/caption option and receive your video back with a transcript in your account. 

Step 3 – Order Captions Encoded Into Your Recording

If you use vidby for your Zoom recording captions, you don’t even have to order separately that the captions are encoded into the video file. Simply choose the option “Embedded subtitles” and your video will be delivered to you ready to use.

Why Use Video Transcripts?

Why Use Video Transcripts

So, why use video transcripts? There are many reasons, actually. First, they are great for skimming the content of the meeting. Transcripts in digital form are easily searchable. This makes it possible to immediately find the exact moment in conversation you want to refresh in your memory.

Video transcripts are also useful because they can be transformed into screen reader-accessible text transcripts required by blind and deaf-blind people. In the US, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2011 mandates that people with disabilities should be given equal access to content. This makes the creation of downloadable transcripts of your Zoom lectures or meetings required by federal law. 

Download Transcript of Zoom Recording

So, we’ve established that the recordings of your Zoom meetings need both the text transcripts and captions embedded in them. With vidby, there’s no extra step you have to make to get a copy of your transcript. When you upload your video for transcription and subtitling, you are given the format options for your downloadable text file. So, just choose the one(s) you need, and receive the file in your inbox.

How to Add Subtitles to Zoom Recordings

How to Add Subtitles to Zoom Recordings

There are times when you need more than a transcript and captions. Sometimes you need subtitles in other languages. It may be because you want to share a Zoom meeting recording with your colleagues in other countries. There may be some other reason. Don’t worry! Vidby has a translation feature for your videos. You can order it as part of two bundles – Subtitles and Translation or Subtitles, Translation and Dubbing. Or, you can just order the transcript in the original language and translate the captions in-house, later turning them into an SRT file. 

Summing up

In today’s remote-first but interconnected world, Zoom is a very useful tool. It can be used to hold business meetings, organize webinars, and much more. Recording Zoom meetings is a great idea because using that recording you can create a text transcript and a new video. Closed captioning of a Zoom recording will make it accessible to those who can’t hear the audio. Subtitling the Zoom recording will do the same for those who can’t understand it. The transcript will be useful in itself, serving as the meeting’s detailed minutes. However you look at it, recording, transcribing and subtitling your Zoom events is definitely a thing you should add to your set of tools.