The World’s Largest Selection of AI Voices For Video Localization By Vidby

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Vidby has unveiled an extensive library of over 2,500 AI-generated voices for dubbing videos in 75+ languages. The platform offers high-quality samples of male and female voices across diverse age groups, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. This empowers content creators to select voices that align perfectly with their videos, eliminating mismatches and unintended ageism.

Understanding the importance of delivering accurate and age-appropriate voiceovers, vidby team has invested significant effort into creating an extensive library of AI-generated voice samples that accurately represent various demographics, ensuring the highest quality output.

“Re-voicing the original soundtrack in many languages can be quite a challenge, especially when the video involves specific demographics such as children and elderly individuals. Many AI-dubbing platforms typically offer quite a limited number of options representing mostly adult characters. We are all about delivering top-notch quality and service, so this upgrade was a logical step for us in terms of product development,” says Alexander Konovalov, CEO and co-founder of vidby.

The company does not seek to replace human actors but offers a quicker and cheaper easy-to-use alternative for everyone who needs to translate and voiceover their video on the fly. Recognizing the limitations of AI when it comes to studio quality dubbing, the startup keeps human experts in the loop and offers professional actor dubbing as one of its service options.

The World’s Largest Selection of AI Voices For Video Localization By Vidby

The AI-dubbing feature is available when you choose automatic voice acting in Minimal, Standard, and High quality options. Dubbing by professional actors is available to those who choose the Excellent quality option.

Vidby’s team is also working on advanced features like voice cloning and voiceover with emotions to produce the most authentic and natural-sounding multilingual AI soundtracks for original videos. These upgrades will soon be available on the platform, creating endless options for video content localization.Earlier, vidby has taken a proactive stance by initiating the Ethical Code of Artificial Intelligence Use for Translations . The company urges its competitors to join forces in adopting a code of ethical and responsible implementation of AI technology in the translation and dubbing process. By considering such principles as security, combating fakes, and upholding linguistic equality, vidby aims to establish industry-wide standards that prioritize the responsible use of AI.

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