How to Start and Promote Your Podcast in 2024: Tips and Advice

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In our modern time, there are many ways to easily promote your business, and one of the reasonable and attractive options for your potential customers is to start a podcast. With its help, you can turn your brand into something even more valuable and have many customers. But what is a podcast?

In this article, we are going to give you a general explanation of the definition of the term podcast. However, the primary goal of this article is to provide you with the needed information related to the launch of your first podcast and its further development in the way of promotion. So, let us start with the essence - the definition of a podcast.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio program, show, or blog that you can download or listen to online anytime. The main difference between a podcast and radio is that you can choose a genre and topic and listen whenever you want. It is similar to Netflix or Youtube, only audio.

Podcasts come in various genres (conversational, documentary, and fiction) and topics (they can be anything at all). Many podcasts are just specially edited and arranged interviews or conversations between several people in the studio. And some are made like an exciting series.

After getting to know generally what this term means, it is necessary to take into account several things before stepping into the world of podcasts.

Before you start

For sure, it is a great idea to start your podcast and begin promoting your business with its help. But experienced podcasters advice to find answers on the following answers first. The questions are:

  • What are you going to podcast?

  • How will you do your podcast?

  • What is the reason for it?

  • To whom?

  • What are you ready to do for your podcast?

You see that it is necessary to figure out the primary reason for doing your podcast. It is like planning what you will do next and what you will achieve shortly or in the long-term run. After getting to know the essential purpose of your podcast, you can go to the next extremely crucial question - how to start a podcast in 2024?

How to Start and Promote Your Podcast in 2024: Tips and Advice

A step-by-step guide: How to start your podcast?

At this step, you know precisely the primary goal of your podcast, whether it is an informational podcast or an entertaining one, and what you want to achieve. And it is the perfect time to dive deeper into answering this question. We divided this question into nine stages that should be followed in the order indicated below.


It is obvious that planning will be the first stage of the start of your podcast. This stage involves developing your strategy while answering the questions mentioned above. With the help of the answers, you will get a clear picture of what you need to do and what you will do next. Planning can help you develop the right strategy, which will lead you to the point of what you want to achieve.

Planning is one of the essential things you need to start dealing with before you come to action.


You are not the only person who wants to start podcasting, and a lot of people have already started doing the same thing. However, there is no single podcast that will be perfect. Some podcasts lack something, and your goal during this stage is to analyze the market and your competitors. Obviously, they miss something. And you can use this information to make your podcast more valuable and easily conquer many people’s hearts.

And it is also worth noting that doing research is a beneficial thing that allows you to understand better what your potential customers (listeners) need.


Working alone is good, but having a team behind you is way better and more effective. And it is not surprising that if you handle all the business (podcast) alone, it will be extremely complicated to do everything properly and on time. And that is why you need seriously think about your team, which will assist you in any situation.

Moreover, it is impossible to be a master of everything. And it is reasonable that your team should consist of different specialists and needed professionals (maybe an audio translator or a scriptwriter).

Working in a team has a lot of benefits, and one of the most crucial ones lies in management: you can delegate responsibilities between your teammates and be sure that everything will be fine.

Technical part

Ok, you have a plan and a team, but you lack one more thing - devices. Any podcast means an audio track, and this audio track should be somehow recorded. Therefore, you need to buy special equipment that will allow you to make your podcast comes true. Among the required equipment should be a microphone for sure. The better the quality of your micro recording, the better audio output you can get.

So, do not underestimate this preparation stage because the quality of your podcast (considering the aspect of audio only) plays a crucial role. And if you take great care of it, your listeners.


Going back to the point of planning. While you have planned everything, including your podcast’s content, it is a necessary measure to plan the schedule of your podcast. Whether you are going to go live with your podcast once a week or once a month, you need to make sure that you have this schedule.

Besides planning your schedule, you need to prepare for your podcasts. By the preparation, we mean the process of preparing topics and questions for the discussion. And in some ways, it is a highly complicated task because you need to conduct an exciting storyline that will be useful for your listeners.


When the previous stages are completed, it is the right time to come to the action - recording your podcasts. For some people, recording may seem an easy thing. However, the truth is ultimately the opposite. For some reason, it is almost impossible to record your first podcast perfectly because there is always something that can be a distracting factor or unexpected situations.

Moreover, it is necessary to be prepared for the podcast to avoid issues with your language. These issues can be the wrong pronunciation of the name of the interviewed person or some words parasites, like “ahhh,” “soooo,” and so on. You will indeed have a lot of funny materials “behind the scene,” which will not be used in your podcast. Consider using tools and services like transcribe audio recording to text to help you transcribe and edit your podcast recordings effectively.


After completing recording your first podcast, it is necessary to make it closer to perfection. Thus, combining the successful audio or video fragments into one straightforward sequence is essential. And this stage is one of the most important ones because it is primarily oriented to your listeners. And you need to be sure, during this stage, that your podcast will be clearly understandable for everyone. To reach this goal, it is highly recommended to combine all the audio/video fragments thoughtfully and logically and be sure that the audio sequence quality is also clear.


At this point, you have completed the most complicated things and gone through the most challenging stages. Now, you need to upload your podcast somewhere. There are so many different platforms on the Internet where you can upload it. Find out what platform is more suitable for your usage and further promotion.

Make it viral

It is almost the end of the step-by-step guide, and the distribution of your podcast takes the last stage. It means you must try your best and spread your first audio or video podcast, which can be in different languages, like English, German , and French . And below, we have prepared a few useful tips to help you make your podcast viral and reach the needed audience.

Helpful tips: How to promote your podcast successfully in 2024?

It is not enough to simply upload your podcast and wait for a miracle where your podcast becomes viral. Before many people find your first podcast, it is necessary to put some effort into its promotion. So, the last question remains - how to promote your podcast successfully in 2024?

Promotion on different platforms

The first recommendation that can be given is that you need to use different platforms. When you upload your podcast for one platform only, you are limited in people. Since some people prefer one platform and other people give their preference to another, the idea to spread your audio or video podcast across multiple platforms and websites is the most obvious option.

With the help of multiple platforms and websites, you can easily reach a better number of your listeners. As an extended opportunity, you can also translate your video podcast from Spanish to English (as an example) and upload it to platforms relevant to the listeners of this country.

Collaboration with others

One more helpful option for promoting your first podcast can be a collaboration with another person or a partnership with a celebrity (this option is undoubtedly paid). This kind of cooperation will help you get more listeners, especially when you have prepared honestly good and exceptional content that will interest people.

There were a lot of cases when an unknown podcaster started to collaborate with a podcaster with years of experience and a million audience and, consequently, got success in terms of promotion. But still, there are also cases when this kind of collaboration becomes a nightmare for both parties.

Podcasts on YouTube

We have mentioned that you should promote your podcasts on different platforms, but we have not given you any reliable example of the media you can use for this purpose. It is the perfect time to fix this problem and provide you with at least one option. It is YouTube. Many people think this video hosting and streaming platform cannot benefit podcasts. However, it is a big mistake, and you should not underestimate this platform.

On YouTube, you can upload video content only, but you can use a shortcut and convert your audio track into a video while adding a picture in the background. One more advantage of using YouTube for podcasts lies in the great advantage of SEO.


To make your content (podcasts) viral, you can use one-page websites, which are filled in with SEO-optimized textual content. Since search engines cannot deal with audio sequences properly, the chances that your podcast will be on the first page of the Google search are extremely low. And the website will fix this issue easily. Correctly selected keywords on this website will help you reach your goal and help rank your podcasts as higher as possible.


We have explained to you the basics of starting your podcast and shared with you the most helpful tips that will help you promote your first podcast successfully in 2024.

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