Vidby makes content localization free for YouTube creators

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Vidby , a recommended vendor of YouTube , leveraging AI-powered translation and dubbing to connect creators with their audiences across borders and cultures, introduces new unique mechanics to reduce the cost of the localization service. Now YouTubers can focus on their creative process and let their loyal followers become backers and help with international expansion.

With a new crowdfunding service from vidby, creators can launch a funding campaign and receive donations for localization from the loyal followers straight to the vidby balance. Once the donations reach the order cost - the creator will receive a notification and stop the fundraising, with the order being automatically processed by the system and the remaining funds being added to the balance. The transactions are secure and transparent, which means influencers won’t be able to use money outside the service.. With 75 languages, including Arabic , Chinese , Italian and Portuguese , available for translation and dubbing, creators may give their audience a chance to choose the language and the voice for localization to stimulate engagement.

Vidby makes content localization free for YouTube creators

What is more, vidby proposes partial localization, which is currently not presented by other companies. Travel and DIY bloggers, musicians and gamers, who rarely appear as talking heads, get the opportunity to translate and localize a specific part of the video and sufficiently cut their expenses. There’s no need to pay for a 20-minute video, consisting 90% of lo-fi music and 2 minutes of talking.

Finally, vidby mechanics offer co-creators to split the bill for bringing the video to the international audiences and enjoy the opportunity to choose from a variety of AI voices for dubbing. By sharing the payments, creators can localize their videos in more languages, increase engagement with solvent audiences and share the message with all the world.  
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