Streamlined Dubbing: vidby and USAID Empower Books&Cartoons

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Vidby Translated Books&Cartoons Web Series Supported by USAID

With the support of USAID, vidby’s AI-powered solution greatly simplified the dubbing process for award-winning animation studio Books&Cartoons relieving the need to search and hire external vendors, like translators, and actors.

The challenge

The creators needed to translate original Ukrainian soundtracks into English for the international audience. The cartoons required professional-quality voice overs, involving several male and female characters of different ages. Hiring translators, actors, and recording was time-consuming and catapulted costs.

The solution

Books&Cartoons' team used vidby, as a one-stop solution to automate all the processes and create studio-quality dubbing for 20 short cartoons, with a total length of about 60 minutes, taking advantage of AI-powered translation and an extended selection of actor voices.

The result

In-house dubbing with a single vidby tool has enabled Books&Cartoons to automate the video transition process, making it faster and cheaper without compromising the quality.

“Thank you for the great service and quality product. I think we’ve just started our collaboration!” Sergiy Kleimenov, Managing Partner of Animation publishing house Books&Cartoons

About Books&Cartoons

Books&Cartoons is a Ukrainian graphic design studio that received over 60 awards for creative and social advertising, including recognition as the best agency in Central Asia. Furthermore, in 2021, we were ranked among the top 10 agencies in Ukraine.

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