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It’s time to promote deeper international understanding and unify it with the help of AI. To do so, our company creates innovative products for businesses based on technologies of understanding in all spheres of life. Besides translation of audio/video content and documents, these technologies enable seamless, real-time translation of daily conversations in customer service, business meetings, live broadcasts, online and offline conferences, and live video calls across 150+ languages and dialects.

About our company

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Technologies of Understanding AG (TM vidby) is a Switzerland-based multi-product IT company specializing in unique, innovative technologies of understanding and the development of AI-powered translation solutions.

In 2023, the company became a YouTube Recommended Vendor, Google Cloud Partner, and Microsoft Certified AI Cloud Partner, which means that opening new markets and unveiling new horizons will accelerate in the near future.

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Our vision is that everyone can communicate with the world in their native language

About Technologies of Understanding


The company was created in 2021 by two business partners, Eugen von Rubinberg and Alexander Konovalov. Their goal was to offer individuals and companies a simple, fast, and cost-efficient technology for AI-powered audio/video translation and dubbing, as well as effective translation solutions for online and offline meetings, calls and documents.


Our Mission


To preserve linguistic and cultural diversity while connecting people in different regions.
To develop innovative products — Technologies of Understanding — that help people communicate globally.

3 reasons to invest in Technologies of Understanding AG

Our technology enables creators to deliver messages to global audiences without linguistic restrictions. The market potential is enormous as the world population is more than 8 billion and counting (with 7,000 languages spoken worldwide).

AI is a new technology, but its potential is vast. Experts expect strong market growth in the near future, and the time doesn’t comprise just the next 5-7 years. It means the next 5- 7 months, literally, considering how fast AI is evolving.

Our AI-powered translation solutions are unique. Since there is no global leader in this market segment today, we have every opportunity to occupy this niche as the industry leader, offering a comprehensive solution.


Our company was founded in September 2021 with a capital of CHF 1.5 million. In the spring of 2022, it launched the sale of tokenized shares on Aktionariat. All in all, since its inception, the company has raised CHF 17.5 million in funding in its Seed round.

In June 2023, following recommendations from institutional investors, the shareholders’ meeting decided to rename the company into "Technologies of Understanding AG" and open a subsidiary company, “vidby AG.” Regarding the investments attracted so far, the company is currently approaching the milestone of CHF 20 million.

We invite you to join us on our world-changing journey by becoming a fellow shareholder of Technologies of Understanding AG (TM vidby), the company playing in a new market with enormous potential.

Equity structure

Technologies of Understanding AG (TM vidby) is a Swiss corporation with its registered office in Rotkreuz ZG and the commercial register number CH- Its purpose is to develop and market technologies for new language interfaces and the automated translation of videos.           

Its capital is divided into Total Number of Shares shares with a par value of CHF 1.00 each, of which Treasury Shares shares are held by the company itself. Based on a registration agreement, Tokenized Shares shares of Technologies of Understanding AG (TM vidby) are registered as ERC-20 tokens named Token Name on the Ethereum blockchain. The current market price per share is Market Price, which corresponds to a market capitalization of Market Capitalization

Video Conferencing, NLP translation, and Creator economy markets to show 2-digit growth by 2030

Video Conferencing Market
  • Main market pushers are large enterprises with remote workers
  • North America is projected to hold the highest market share
  • E-learning proves resilient growth even after COVID-19
NPL Translation Market
  • Main market pushers are financial services & e-commerce
  • Localization to drive B2B communication in 2024-2030
  • Inevitable switch to 100% machine translation
Creator Economy Market
  • 50 mln global creators to grow 15-20% annually by 2028
  • 27% of US Gen Z youth will be influencers after school
  • 51% of influencers made less than $500 a month in 2023

Source: Yahoo Finance, Goldman Sachs, Business Insider, LinkedIn

Vidby develops AI-powered solutions on intersection of 3 rapidly growing markets

Video Conferencing Market
  • Leverage multi-cultural corporate video conferences with live translation & and transcription
  • Perform high-quality video dubbing with lipsync and voiceover functions
NPL Translation Market
  • Exploit AI-powered translation to accomplish 99%+ accuracy without human supervision
  • Enhance automatic spelling & punctuation while transcribing the content
Creator Economy Market
  • Explore a unique platform with both content creators, marketing agencies, and investors
  • Receive funding for the breathtaking ideas directly – without intermediary fees

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