vidby's AI translator creates new business in global markets - and strengthens collaboration and knowledge


Intercultural collaboration, smooth knowledge exchange and fast, spontaneous creativity - this requires the medium of video with optimal and fast translation.

With vidby’s advanced technologies, videos of any length and complexity are translated quickly and affordably. From understanding comes joint and strong action. For your success. For one world. Economically and socially.

The applications are as endless as the creativity of your people. Conquer new markets faster than ever. Use local knowledge. Educate efficiently and embed knowledge in people’s minds and hearts faster than ever.

Invest in vidby

vidby has tokenized some of its shares and trades them on under the ticker symbol VIDS.

An investment in vidby is highly attractive, as evidenced by our growth figures and the keen interest from Fortune 500 companies already in the first months after its launch. vidby shares are an ideal diversification tool in the attractive high-tech and automation environment. Artificial intelligence and data are the drivers of the digitalized economy.

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Equity structure

Vidby AG is a Swiss corporation with its registered office in Rotkreuz ZG and the commercial register number CH- Its purpose is to develop and market technologies for new language interfaces and the automated translation of videos.

Its capital is divided into shares with a par value of CHF 1.00 each, of which shares are held by the company itself. Based on a registration agreement, shares of vidby AG are registered as ERC-20 tokens named on the Ethereum blockchain. The current market price per share is , which corresponds to a market capitalization of .

Trade history

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Share register

Shareholders can register their shares either with the accompanying form, using a wallet of their choice, or by holding their shares with the Shareholder Wallet App for iOS or Android.

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Business reports

vidby AG was founded in 2021 with CHF 1,500,000 capital and closed the year with about CHF 500,000 liquidity.

According to our projections, we will reach break-even by 2024. We need investments for the further development of the technology platform and for the development of new markets and applications.

vidby already has a weighty commitment from investors in the start-up phase. We would like to broaden this in the near future.