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video subtitling & translation services
Subtitles, translation and dubbing
subtitle service
Subtitles only
subtitling translation services
Subtitles and translation
70+Languages translation
24/7Transfers anywhere in world
Translation speed
Translation speed
Data confidentiality
Data confidentiality
Hight-quality translation
Hight-quality translation

Why vidby for marketing companies

As a marketing specialist, you understand the importance of engaging a global audience to drive business success and expand your brand’s reach. In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate your message effectively across different nations and cultures is paramount. But here is the catch - the language barrier.
VidBy is here to empower you with an accurate online platform for video translation and dubbing, designed and curated specifically for the unique needs and challenges faced by marketing professionals like you.
video translation for marketing companies


Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges
Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges
You can check and plan the cost of the project. Our technologies are cost-effective and automatic, enabling services performance at a low cost* which is 40-50% (and more) cheaper than the market prices.
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee
We know, that sometimes you might want to make changes or adjustments to the final video. Our Team can assist promptly with any problem with the final order. Even If the final result is reasonably bad, we can ensure your money will be returned to you.
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
Minimal (AI dubbing) - fully automatic and fast (within minutes).
Middle (AI dubbing) - original transcription is edited by a specialist and the translation is automatic.
High (AI dubbing) - both transcription and translations are reviewed by Vidby specialists.
Excellent (Human dubbing) - transcripts and translations are reviewed by the specialists and voiced by а human actor.
Unique Technologies include:
Unique Technologies include:
  • video and audio synchronization
  • dubbing speed control
  • brand name (to leave the sound of the name/title as in English in other languages
  • kids, teenage, and elderly voices
  • translation quality control
  • technologies that can ensure better automatic translation and pronunciation by AI
  • available languages and AI voices

Video examples

Vidby solution

In the dynamic and ever-changing realm of marketing, precise and impactful communication is paramount. Vidby understands the requirements of marketing professionals and is committed to offering cost-effective, speedy, and accurate video translations across various subfields.
Vidby can translate for you different marketing videos as:
  • promotion
  • market reviews
  • advertising
  • commercial offers
  • presentation
  • speeches
  • etc
accurate video translation

Advantages of working with vidby

Brand promotion
Brand promotion
Vidby is going to scale up business. Vidby not only translates your videos into many languages but also does it quickly and efficiently. It also should tell the world about different companies you promote. Entering new markets brings up to your high quality products or services with vidby, increases awareness about brands around the world, gives a proper understanding of the product and gives a better idea of ​​it, makes the product that you promote recognizable and remembered.
Increasing consumer loyalty
Increasing consumer loyalty
Adapting video content to the user's language clearly increases consumer loyalty because they feel cared for and well-attended. In addition, the video in the native language gives a deeper understanding of the subject, especially to people with a low level of foreign languages competence.
Income Increase
Income Increase
Vidby technologies allow you translating and dubbing videos into more than 70 languages. In this way, videos will be available for the whole world and they will surely attract a lot of new users from different countries, Vidby will help expand the audience which consequently will increase your profit. Adapted, well-translated video content attracts more potential viewers to companies that you promote. It makes the content more attractive to people from different countries.
Optimized command system
Optimized command system
You don't need to hire a whole staff of translators, spend huge budgets and efforts to translate your videos into the languages ​​you need. Vidby does all the work automatically: efficiently, quickly, inexpensively and without additional labor costs.

Vidby order types and quality options

The best choice for
  • Promo
  • Advertisement
  • Cartoons
  • Films, shows
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • Dubbing by Actors
The best choice for
  • Internal guides
  • Courses
  • Youtube
  • Educational content
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • AI dubbing
The best choice for
  • No face videos
  • Tutorials
  • Social media reels
  • Quick translation
Processed with
  • Transcription check & adaptation by experts
  • AI translation + dubbing
The best choice for
  • Understand Video
  • First touch with AI
  • Draft translation
  • Test the service
Processed with
  • No human involvement
  • Full AI mode

Calculate cost

video subtitling & translation servicesSubtitles, translation, and dubbing
subtitle serviceSubtitles only
subtitling translation servicesSubtitles with translation
subtitling translation servicesDocument translation
Video length
Source language
English (United Kingdom)
New language
Dubbing byquestion
Voice actor
Actors` voices
Translation accuracy
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actorNot available for AI/AI with cloned voice
Check of the translation by a specialist, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Check of speech recognition by a specialist, automatic translation, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Fully automaticNot available for voice actor
By yourself (self-editing time added to production time)Not available for voice actor
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actor
Create an order
By myself
Order creation
Number of orders
Production time4 days
New files1 min
Order cost$30.90

What our customers say

Elyne Hager
Elyne Hager

Branding und Content Marketing

Läderach AG
vidby is excellent for training our global employees. We have never been able to produce our how-to videos as easy and understandable as with vidby.
Stepan Mykhailov
Stepan Mykhailov


Air Media-Tech
As Vidby platform can be useful for our work with a global of creators (from 44 countries) as well as for collaboration of our own team (240 employees in 5 countries), enabling translation into 67 languages and 60 dialects, we currently discuss deeper cooperation and strategic partnership with Vidby. We expect this enhanced collaboration to help both our companies to scale rapidly. Full text here
Eray Müller
Eray Müller

Senior Communications Manager

Siemens Schweiz AG
Practical, fast and good translation solution for internal use of employee videos.
Silvan Merki
Silvan Merki

Chief Communications Officer

Implenia AG
I have tested the automated translation with some videos - also in less frequently used language. The translation is very fast and already amazingly good in quality - the whole context absolutely well understandable.
Mike Fuhrmann
Mike Fuhrmann

Chief Communications Officer

Generali AG
Effective tool, which can be used well for simple, internal educational videos.

Professional translation for marketing

Vidby is a highly esteemed online translation platform that offers cost-efficient and accurate translation tools for marketing materials. Its AI-powered technology guarantees precise and high-quality translations for a vast array of marketing content, such as different types of ads, product descriptions, social media posts, and promotional videos, among others.
It is understandable that the accuracy of video/audio translation in marketing should be a top priority, as even the slightest mistakes can adversely impact credibility and brand reputation. Hence, vidby goes above and beyond by not only using AI-generated translations but also by having a seasoned translator work alongside the AI for added assurance.
What is more, distinguishing between AI-generated video/audio translations by Vidby and professionally dubbed videos by traditional methods can be challenging. The online translation platform boasts an impressive database of 751 male and female voices, making it a breeze to select the most suitable voice to make any speech sound natural. Each voice can be pre-listened and saved to favorites.
At Vidby, the primary mission is to provide professional and economical translation services that help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

Video translation of different content for marketing

Marketing is a fast-paced and constantly evolving field, where accurate and effective communication is crucial. Vidby strives to meet the needs of marketing professionals and is ready to provide them with cost-effective, quick, and accurate video translations in different subfields.

Digital marketing

A qualified video translation and dubbing service is one of the keys to unlocking global digital marketing success. By putting marketing videos in a multilingual light, businesses can cast a wider net, capturing a larger audience, and boosting their online presence. This sets the stage for increased engagement, driving the flow of website traffic, and ultimately, raking in the sales.
Vidby, a voice translator ace up their sleeve, helps businesses spread their digital marketing wings by creating multilingual videos that strike a chord with audiences across the globe.


PPC advertising is an effective path to reach potential customers and drive traffic to a website. By translating PPC ads into different languages, businesses can target specific audiences in different regions and increase their chances of conversion.
With the help of Vidby, it is easy to translate PPC ads into 70 languages, including different language pairs (Polish-German, Italian-Ukrainian, etc.), creating relevant, engaging, and effective ads for generating leads and sales.


SEO is vital for businesses aiming to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages. By translating a website’s video content into various languages, businesses can engage new audiences and boost their SEO performance. Additionally, sharing translated videos on social media platforms, forums, and pertinent websites enhances the brand’s visibility and reach.
Recognizing the importance of timely video translations, Vidby offers prompt and cost-effective translation services, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.


SMM is an excellent way for businesses to engage with customers and promote their brand. By translating social media video content into language pairs such as English-Polish, Polish-German, French-Italian and others, businesses can connect with a global audience and increase their social media presence.
By using Vidby, SMM specialists can count on swift and top-quality translations that sound realistic and natural, as if done by a real video translator(s).

Web development

In the context of marketing, video translation for web development serves a crucial role in enabling businesses to expand their reach and engage with a global audience. By translating marketing videos, companies can connect with potential customers who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds.
Vidby’s professional translation service empowers businesses to broaden their scope, drive more traffic, and ultimately enhance revenue.

How does Vidby work?

Looking for a simple and user-friendly way to translate and dub your marketing videos? Vidby has you covered! Here is how the service works:
  1. Upload or share the video. To get started, upload the required video directly from your device or share the video link with Vidby. It is quick and easy!
  2. Provide additional details. Provide the service with additional details about the video, such as the original language and the language you want the video translated into.
  3. Choose the translation quality. It is required to choose the quality of translation: AI translation with a professional translator review, AI translation with specialist review of original subtitles, or AI translation on its own.
  4. Time and price estimation. Once all the necessary details are provided, the service automatically calculates the cost and estimated time for the project. Afterwards, it is time for the last step.
  5. Payment and delivery. The final stage is to complete the payment process using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or another suitable option. Once the payment is confirmed, Vidby will start working on the translation and dubbing tasks.
With vidby’s reliable and affordable translation and dubbing services, it is getting easier to expand your marketing campaign’s reach to new audiences in different regions. This can increase brand awareness and improve customer engagement, leading to greater success for your business.

How can Vidby help you?

Vidby is an innovative video translation and dubbing solution aimed at helping you overcome language obstacles and connect with a global audience. Ideal for both marketing and publishing content, Vidby offers a suite of features tailored to your needs:
High accuracy translation. Leveraging AI-powered technology and a team of skilled video translators, Vidby ensures that your marketing content is accurately translated while preserving the intended message and tone. Boasting a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, Vidby delivers unparalleled results.
Diverse voice options. With Vidby, you can find the perfect voice(s) for your dubbed audio, adept at conveying complex concepts and technical terms. Choose from an extensive selection of 751 male and female voices to suit your requirements.
Rigorous quality assurance. Vidby takes quality seriously, implementing thorough quality control measures to guarantee that your translations and dubbing are accurate, consistent, and error-free. This includes multiple proofreading, editing, and expert review stages.
Subtitles and captions. vidby goes beyond dubbing by offering subtitles and captions in your desired language pairs, such as Italian-English or German-Polish. This feature caters to viewers who prefer to read the information on-screen.
Transparent time and cost estimates. vidby provides clear pricing and project completion time estimates, allowing you to effectively plan your budget and schedule. To estimate the completion time for a video translation, simply multiply the video's length by one.
Choose Vidby to enhance your video marketing content and reach a global audience with ease.


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