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Why vidby for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Video translation and dubbing are essential services that enable the dissemination of critical information in the healthcare and life sciences sector to a global audience. Precise translation and localization of healthcare and life sciences content can bridge the language gap, ensure understanding, facilitate effective communication, and improve patient outcomes.
By providing translations of videos in different languages, patients can access vital information in their native one, leading to better adherence to treatment plans and more efficient self-management of chronic conditions. Moreover, video translation and dubbing play a pivotal role in sharing healthcare and life sciences insights across borders, thereby contributing to a more informed and healthier global community.
Fortunately, there is a convenient solution available for the healthcare and life sciences sector - vidby, a professional online translation tool that uses AI to translate video content into 70 languages.
video translation services in healthcare


Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges
Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges
You can check and plan the cost of the project. Our technologies are cost-effective and automatic, enabling services performance at a low cost* which is 40-50% (and more) cheaper than the market prices.
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee
We know, that sometimes you might want to make changes or adjustments to the final video. Our Team can assist promptly with any problem with the final order. Even If the final result is reasonably bad, we can ensure your money will be returned to you.
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
Minimal (AI dubbing) - fully automatic and fast (within minutes).
Middle (AI dubbing) - original transcription is edited by a specialist and the translation is automatic.
High (AI dubbing) - both transcription and translations are reviewed by Vidby specialists.
Excellent (Human dubbing) - transcripts and translations are reviewed by the specialists and voiced by а human actor.
Unique Technologies include:
Unique Technologies include:
  • video and audio synchronization
  • dubbing speed control
  • brand name (to leave the sound of the name/title as in English in other languages
  • kids, teenage, and elderly voices
  • translation quality control
  • technologies that can ensure better automatic translation and pronunciation by AI
  • available languages and AI voices

Video examples

Vidby solutions

Healthcare and life sciences are intricate domains demanding a specialized approach to video translation. Vidby, a professional video translator platform, can greatly contribute to the sector by delivering top-notch translated content pertaining to relevant topics in diverse directions.

With vidby you can translate tutorial videos in the following areas:
  • Psychology
  • Genetics
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Urology
  • Cosmetology
  • Gynecology
  • Dermatology
  • etc
medical translation solutions

Advantages of working with vidby

Increase your video viewing coverage
Increase your video viewing coverage
Get the chance to show your video to people from all over the world using voice video translation in more than 70 languages. Offer your medical services and products all over the world or on the territories (markets) that are the most interesting for your medical business. Say everyone about your new medical technologies, for your quality and garanties your medical services. Be unique, be popular, be recognizable with Vidby. translate your video, create subtitles for any languages you want.
Income Increase
Income Increase
Translate and dubb videos into more than 70 languages you will be able to enter new markets, increase the number of customers for the whole world, which consequently will increase your profit. More customers will know about your medical products, medical equipments, medical services and ets.
Adapt videos for your employees and partners with vidby
Adapt videos for your employees and partners with vidby
Adapted, well-translated instruction, presentation, education and others help content video get more comprehensive for your employees and partners. Get more profound knowledge about your medical products or services and a deeper understanding as well. Help you employees and partners introduce your company at the international arena.
Increasing consumer loyalty. Brand promotion
Increasing consumer loyalty. Brand promotion
Adapting video content to the user's language clearly increases consumer loyalty because they feel cared for and well-attended. In addition, the video in the native language gives a deeper understanding of the subject, especially to people with a low level of foreign languages competence. Introduce people from all ower the world how you care about your customers health as you care about everyone has a deep understanding about your medical products and services.

Vidby order types and quality options

The best choice for
  • Promo
  • Advertisement
  • Cartoons
  • Films, shows
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • Dubbing by Actors
The best choice for
  • Internal guides
  • Courses
  • Youtube
  • Educational content
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • AI dubbing
The best choice for
  • No face videos
  • Tutorials
  • Social media reels
  • Quick translation
Processed with
  • Transcription check & adaptation by experts
  • AI translation + dubbing
The best choice for
  • Understand Video
  • First touch with AI
  • Draft translation
  • Test the service
Processed with
  • No human involvement
  • Full AI mode

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video subtitling & translation servicesSubtitles, translation, and dubbing
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subtitling translation servicesSubtitles with translation
subtitling translation servicesDocument translation
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New language
Dubbing byquestion
Voice actor
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Translation accuracy
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actorNot available for AI/AI with cloned voice
Check of the translation by a specialist, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Check of speech recognition by a specialist, automatic translation, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Fully automaticNot available for voice actor
By yourself (self-editing time added to production time)Not available for voice actor
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actor
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By myself
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Production time4 days
New files1 min
Order cost$30.90

What our customers say

Elyne Hager
Elyne Hager

Branding und Content Marketing

Läderach AG
vidby is excellent for training our global employees. We have never been able to produce our how-to videos as easy and understandable as with vidby.
Stepan Mykhailov
Stepan Mykhailov


Air Media-Tech
As Vidby platform can be useful for our work with a global of creators (from 44 countries) as well as for collaboration of our own team (240 employees in 5 countries), enabling translation into 67 languages and 60 dialects, we currently discuss deeper cooperation and strategic partnership with Vidby. We expect this enhanced collaboration to help both our companies to scale rapidly. Full text here
Eray Müller
Eray Müller

Senior Communications Manager

Siemens Schweiz AG
Practical, fast and good translation solution for internal use of employee videos.
Silvan Merki
Silvan Merki

Chief Communications Officer

Implenia AG
I have tested the automated translation with some videos - also in less frequently used language. The translation is very fast and already amazingly good in quality - the whole context absolutely well understandable.
Mike Fuhrmann
Mike Fuhrmann

Chief Communications Officer

Generali AG
Effective tool, which can be used well for simple, internal educational videos.

Vidby: professional translation for healthcare and life sciences

Vidby is a professional online translation platform intending to help specialists from the fields of healthcare and life sciences. With AI-based top-notch technology, vidby ensures accurate, high-quality video and audio translation (that will sound so natural) for a wide range of materials, including medical documents, research papers, patient information, and promotional content.
Accuracy is of paramount importance in translations related to these fields, as even minor errors can result in severe consequences, including fatalities. Recognizing this, vidby not only provides AI-generated translations and dubbing the video content but also offers the added assurance of a qualified video translator working alongside the AI.
When using vidby for translating and dubbing video content, healthcare and life sciences content providers can expect exceptionally fast delivery speeds, up to 1,000 times faster than traditional translation methods. Moreover, Vidby’s cost-effective pricing allows users to save up to 10 times more compared to conventional options.
By leveraging vidby’s online translation platform, healthcare professionals and life science content providers can ensure that their materials are both linguistically accurate and readily accessible to global audiences, paving the way for a truly international healthcare and life sciences experience.

Video translation of different content for healthcare and life science

Healthcare and life science are complex fields that require a specialized approach to video translation. The professional video translator platform vidby can significantly benefit the sector while providing high-quality translated topic-related content in different directions.


Video translation for psychology content in healthcare and life sciences plays a crucial role in sharing a valuable information on mental health and well-being. Accurate translations and dubbing in a variety of language pairs (French-Italian, German-Russian, etc.) can help reach a broader audience and improve access to mental health resources.
Translated videos can cover topics such as therapy techniques, cognitive-behavioral strategies, mental health awareness, and research findings to benefit patients, therapists, and researchers alike. The accuracy rate of translation by vidby is 99%, which is an impressive number.


Effective communication is essential in oncology, as it directly impacts patient care and treatment outcomes. Translating and dubbing videos on cancer prevention, detection, treatment options, research advances, or another form of content can significantly benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers.
Ensuring accuracy and clarity in oncology video translations is paramount, as it can help patients make informed decisions about their treatment options and contribute to the global fight against cancer and other serious diseases.


In the field of cosmetology, video translations can help share information on skincare, haircare, and cosmetic procedures with a diverse audience.
Translated videos (from English to German, from Spanish to Polish, and so on) may cover topics such as dermatological treatments, cosmetic surgery techniques, and product demonstrations. Accurate translations and culturally-sensitive dubbing can help professionals and consumers make informed choices about the products and treatments that suit their individual needs and preferences.


The rapidly evolving field of genetics has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences. Translated and dubbed videos can help share vital information on genetic research, gene therapy, personalized medicine, and genetic counseling with a global audience.
Ensuring precise and up-to-date translation is critical in this field as it can contribute to a broader understanding of genetic diseases and the development of new treatment and therapy.


Throughout the world, cardiovascular diseases continue to be a major cause of both illness and death. The translation and dubbing educational videos on heart health, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment options can be highly advantageous for patients, healthcare providers and researchers as well.
Accurately translated and dubbed videos from German to Italian or from English to Ukrainian can improve awareness about cardiovascular risk factors, promote heart-healthy lifestyles, and contribute to better patient outcomes by ensuring that vital information is accessible to a diverse population.

How does vidby work?

At vidby, it is super easy to translate and dub videos in multiple languages for healthcare and life sciences. You only need to follow three simple steps, and you are on your way to connecting with people all around the globe.

● To get started, simply provide your video. You can either paste the link in the field or directly upload the file from your device. Once done, click “Continue” to move to the next step.
● To ensure the best possible outcome, it is essential to provide the service with some additional details about your video, like its original language (including dialect) and the language you would like it translated to. You will also need to select a translation quality option, which can be AI translation with a professional translator review, AI translation with specialist review of original subtitles, or AI translation on its own. Keep in mind that the estimated cost will vary based on the option you choose.
● Once the information needed is provided, the service calculates the payment amount and estimated completion time for your project. Just complete the payment process, and we'll start working on your translation and dubbing tasks.
By taking these simple steps, you will soon have professional video translations and dubbings for your healthcare and life sciences content. And best of all, you will help to create a friendlier and more informed world!

How can vidby help the sector of healthcare and life sciences?

Vidby can help you by providing fast and accurate translation and dubbing services tailored to specific needs. Whether the content is related to healthcare or life sciences, vVidby ensures that the video translated and dubbed content reaches a global audience by overcoming language barriers. Here are some ways vVidby can assist you:

● Accurate translation. Vidby provides AI-powered technology and a team of professional video translators, ensuring that your content is accurately translated while maintaining the intended message and tone. The accuracy rate is 99%.
● Localization. Vidby adapts your content to the target audience, considering cultural nuances, dialects, and regional terminologies. The list of supported languages consists of 70 plus different dialects, so there are multiple options for language pairs, like Polish-Ukrainian, German-Italian, and so on.
● Extensive voice selection base. Vidby helps you find suitable voice(s), ensuring that the dubbed audio effectively conveys complex concepts and technical terms. Presently, there are 751 different male and female voices available to choose from.
● Synchronization and editing. Vidby ensures seamless integration of the dubbed audio with the original video by aligning lip movements, gestures, and other visual cues, creating a polished and professional final product.
● Quality assurance. To ensure that your translation and dubbing are precise, consistent, and free of errors, Vidby conducts meticulous quality control checks, which involve multiple rounds of proofreading, editing, and expert review.
● Subtitles and captions. In addition to dubbing speech video content, vidby can also provide subtitles and captions in the target language, giving viewers the option to read the information if necessary.
● Time and cost estimation. Vidby offers transparent pricing and estimated completion times for your project, allowing you to plan your budget and schedule accordingly. To calculate the time of completing a video translation, it is necessary to multiply the length of the video by 1.
There is no faster way to translate and dub your videos in various languages. Try Vidby and see the difference.


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