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Why vidby for news portal

The need for accurate and timely news has reached an all-time high in our fast-paced world. With events unfolding every day, every minute, and every second, news portals are under constant pressure to deliver information to their audiences as quickly as possible. However, the presence of language barriers frequently creates a major hindrance for news portals, blocking their ability to effectively reach a global audience.
To bridge this language gap and make news content accessible worldwide, news portals should consider dealing with vidby, an online video translation and dubbing service. vidby can not only translate video content into various languages but also provide expert dubbing, making it easier for viewers who speak different languages to understand and engage with the content.
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Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges.
Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges.
You can check and plan the cost of the project. Our technologies are cost-effective and automatic, enabling services performance at a low cost* which is 40-50% (and more) cheaper than the market prices
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee.
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee.
We know, that sometimes you might want to make changes or adjustments to the final video. Our Team can assist promptly with any problem with the final order. Even If the final result is reasonably bad, we can ensure your money will be returned to you.
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
Minimal (AI dubbing) - fully automatic and fast (within minutes).
Middle (AI dubbing) - original transcription is edited by a specialist and the translation is automatic.
High (AI dubbing) - both transcription and translations are reviewed by Vidby specialists.
Excellent (Human dubbing) - transcripts and translations are reviewed by the specialists and voiced by а human actor.
Unique Technologies include:
Unique Technologies include:
  • video and audio synchronization
  • dubbing speed control
  • brand name (to leave the sound of the name/title as in English in other languages
  • kids, teenage, and elderly voices
  • translation quality control
  • technologies that can ensure better automatic translation and pronunciation by AI
  • available languages and AI voices

Video examples

Vidby solution

Vidby's comprehensive video translation and dubbing services provide an array of advantages to news portals, covering various content categories. Discover how vidby can assist news portals in translating and dubbing their video content in key areas.
With vidby you can translate topical news videos in the following areas:
  • history
  • money
  • finance
  • sport
  • politics
  • medicine
  • business
  • etc
TV news dubbing service

Advantages of working with vidby

Increase video viewing coverage
Increase video viewing coverage
Get a chance to show your video to people from all over the world using voice video translation in more than 70 languages and increase hits and provide international growth of subscribers for your news resource. Among other things, this opens up new business opportunities and additional revenue from your digital advertising campaigns.
Income Increase
Income Increase
Vidby technologies allow you translating and dubbing videos into more than 70 languages. In this way, videos in your news channel will be available for the whole world and they will surely attract a lot of new users from different countries, which consequently will increase your profit. More of your channel followers from all over the world will be able to see video news in their native language made with Vidby.
Increasing demand for video news products
Increasing demand for video news products
Adapted, well-translated video content attracts more potential viewers to your news resource. Make content more attractive to people from different countries.
Increasing consumer loyalty. Promotion your news brand
Increasing consumer loyalty. Promotion your news brand
Adapting video content to the user's language clearly increases consumer loyalty because they feel cared for and well-attended. In addition, the video in the native language gives a deeper understanding of the subject, especially to people with a low level of foreign languages competence. Vidby can scale up your business. Vidby will help to enter new markets, expand the audience, increase the visit of the resource.

Vidby order types and quality options

The best choice for
  • Promo
  • Advertisement
  • Cartoons
  • Films, shows
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • Dubbing by Actors
The best choice for
  • Internal guides
  • Courses
  • Youtube
  • Educational content
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • AI dubbing
The best choice for
  • No face videos
  • Tutorials
  • Social media reels
  • Quick translation
Processed with
  • Transcription check & adaptation by experts
  • AI translation + dubbing
The best choice for
  • Understand Video
  • First touch with AI
  • Draft translation
  • Test the service
Processed with
  • No human involvement
  • Full AI mode

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video subtitling & translation servicesSubtitles, translation, and dubbing
subtitle serviceSubtitles only
subtitling translation servicesSubtitles with translation
subtitling translation servicesDocument translation
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New language
Dubbing byquestion
Voice actor
Actors` voices
Translation accuracy
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actorNot available for AI/AI with cloned voice
Check of the translation by a specialist, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Check of speech recognition by a specialist, automatic translation, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Fully automaticNot available for voice actor
By yourself (self-editing time added to production time)Not available for voice actor
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actor
Create an order
By myself
Order creation
Number of orders
Production time4 days
New files1 min
Order cost$30.90

What our customers say

Elyne Hager
Elyne Hager

Branding und Content Marketing

Läderach AG
vidby is excellent for training our global employees. We have never been able to produce our how-to videos as easy and understandable as with vidby.
Stepan Mykhailov
Stepan Mykhailov


Air Media-Tech
As Vidby platform can be useful for our work with a global of creators (from 44 countries) as well as for collaboration of our own team (240 employees in 5 countries), enabling translation into 67 languages and 60 dialects, we currently discuss deeper cooperation and strategic partnership with Vidby. We expect this enhanced collaboration to help both our companies to scale rapidly. Full text here
Eray Müller
Eray Müller

Senior Communications Manager

Siemens Schweiz AG
Practical, fast and good translation solution for internal use of employee videos.
Silvan Merki
Silvan Merki

Chief Communications Officer

Implenia AG
I have tested the automated translation with some videos - also in less frequently used language. The translation is very fast and already amazingly good in quality - the whole context absolutely well understandable.
Mike Fuhrmann
Mike Fuhrmann

Chief Communications Officer

Generali AG
Effective tool, which can be used well for simple, internal educational videos.

Vidby: professional video translation for news portals

News portals face the critical challenge of delivering accurate content to audiences from diverse language backgrounds in a timely manner. Vidby is stepping up to this challenge by offering unparalleled solutions for news portals.
Vidby’s primary focus lies in providing top-notch video translation services, ensuring that language nuances and cultural sensitivities of the target audience are taken into consideration. This attention to detail has propelled vidby to the forefront of the industry, earning them a reputation for delivering content that is not only linguistically precise but also culturally appropriate.
One of the key factors contributing to vidby’s success is its ability to translate videos of different lengths into a diverse range of languages within a short time. At the moment, the service supports 70 languages, including English, Polish, French, Italian, and so on.
In the fast-paced world of news, timeliness is of the essence. Vidby understands this and is committed to providing rapid translations without losing quality. The service uses innovative AI-powered technology and streamlined workflows to deliver translations that meet the tight deadlines and high demands of the news industry. The translation/dubbing speed is fascinating: a 1-minute video can be done in 1 minute. The interesting fact is that vidby makes the translation process 1,000x faster than other traditional video translation services.
So, news portals can consistently provide their audiences with up-to-date content in multiple languages, staying ahead of the competition.

Video translation of different content for news portals

Vidby’s video translation and dubbing services offer numerous benefits to news portals, catering to a wide range of content categories. Here are some key areas where vidby can help news portals translate and dub their video content.


Vidby’s service is valuable for news portals covering historical events and documentaries, ensuring content is culturally sensitive and accurate. This aspect is crucial when addressing historical events that may have varying interpretations or perspectives based on the viewer’s cultural and language background.
To make sure that the content is translated and dubbed correctly, there is an option to choose AI translation and dubbing, along with a professional translator and voice artist.


Finance-focused news portals stand to gain significantly from vidby’s transcription and subtitling options, as they enable a broader audience to access, read, and comprehend the content in their preferred language, without the need for dubbed audio. Whether the language pair is English-French, Polish-German, or Spanish-Ukrainian, vidby can easily handle the translations in 70 languages, creating different language pairs.
By offering multilingual subtitles, these platforms can cater to an international audience, breaking down language barriers and facilitating a more inclusive experience for viewers who may struggle with the original video's language.


Vidby can play a crucial role in helping news portals disseminate political news and opinions to a worldwide audience. By offering their speech video content in a variety of languages (70 to be precise) with vidby, these portals can break down linguistic barriers, facilitating informed political discourse and nurturing a more knowledgeable global community.
And there is no need to hire an expensive video translator to get the work done.


Portals covering business news and trends can apply vidby to reach a broader audience and make sure that everyone knows what is going on in the business landscape.
Creating content accessible in multiple languages (from Spanish to Ukrainian, from Russian to German, etc.) enables business news portals to provide their viewers from diverse cultures and regions with the latest insights.


Financial news portals discussing personal finance, investing, and economics can leverage vidby’s services to reach a global audience.
By making their content accessible in multiple languages, news portals can attract new viewers, increase engagement, and establish themselves as reliable sources of financial information for audiences worldwide.


News portals covering medical news and health-related topics can benefit from vidby to make their content accessible to a global audience.
Translating and dubbing medical video materials into multiple languages helps promote health awareness, education, and understanding of medical conditions and treatments across different cultures and regions.


Vidby’s video and audio translation services can assist news portals in reaching a global audience of sports enthusiasts. Translating and dubbing sports-related content can attract new viewers and increase engagement with sports coverage, while promoting cross-cultural understanding by making sports news and events accessible to viewers from various languages.
So, it is getting easier to translate and dub sports events from Italian to English, from German to French, or other language pairs.

How does Vidby work?

Vidby is designed to be simple and straightforward, making it easy for news portals to access and utilize. Here is a step-by-step overview of the process:

  1. Upload or link the video. It is necessary to either upload their videos directly to vidby's website or provide a link to the video they want to translate and dub.
  2. Specify language and format. Users can then indicate the original video's language, the target language for translation, and the desired audio and video output formats.
  3. Choose a voice. Vidby offers a range of voices to ensure accurate and culturally relevant dubbing for the content.
  4. Complete payment. Vidby provides flexible payment options, including PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa, Mastercard, or SWIFT transfer. The total cost is displayed on the same page as the order details, ensuring complete transparency.
  5. Let vidby's AI-powered software do the work. Once the payment is complete, vidby's software processes the video and translates it into the chosen language.
  6. Download the final outcome. The translated and dubbed version of the video is then made available for download onto the user's personal device.
By offering an informative and user-friendly process, vidby makes it easy for news portals to access professional video translation and dubbing services, ensuring their content reaches a wider audience and promotes better global understanding.

Vidby: the best video translation solution for news portals

Vidby is an essential video/voice translator for news portals that want to make an impact on a global scale. With AI-powered software on board, vidby ensures that the translation and dubbing are accurate, culturally relevant, and of high quality.

Besides translating and dubbing news video content, the professional video translation and dubbing service vidby easily deals with subtitles and supports different formats, such as .SRT and .DOCX.
The quality of the audio translation will be at the highest level - the dubbed video will sound so realistic and natural that it will be difficult to distinguish whether the dubbing was made by artificial intelligence or a real person.
To add more benefits, vidby's services are cost-effective, with competitive pricing that fits any budget. News portals can choose from a range of payment options that are flexible and secure, ensuring that their payment details are protected.
In addition, vidby is fast and efficient, allowing news portals to get their translated and dubbed videos in a short amount of time. It is proven that vidby is 1,000 times faster than the same translation using a traditional translation approach. This is especially important for news portals, where timeliness is of the utmost importance.
Expand your global reach and make your news easily accessible with the help of vidby and its professional and accurate video translation and dubbing service.


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