Vidby Partner Programs

We are an innovative Swiss company and our founders have over 10 years of experience in speech technology and AI.
We create technologies of understanding and help businesses scale their presence in the world and improve the customer experience and the work of their international teams through implementation of such technologies.

Our AI products for your business


Video translation, subtitle creation, and dubbing service


Simultaneous translation of online conferences into 70 languages


Document translation


Simultaneous translation of offline conferences


Real-time translation of online broadcasts


Translation of personal meetings

Partnership with vidby

The world is changing rapidly these days. New technologies create new opportunities, and our breakthrough AI tech is here to help your business reach new heights. We bring down the language barriers through our work of translation, subtitling, and dubbing – and we do it promptly and accurately, aided by the trained neural networks. We firmly believe that by joining forces with others, all of us can achieve much more. Join our partnership program and let’s work together!

Why partner with vidby

As both the companies and individual content creators seek to expand their geography of presence and reach, they require not just the tools for content creation, but also the tools for their prompt localization into different languages. The search results for requests such as “video translation,” “live translation,” and “localization” are all proof of this.

The benefits of partnering with vidby:

Expand the set of tools you offer to your clients
Expand the range of target languages for translation
See how more and more customers receive completed orders
Happy clients bring new clients through word-of-mouth recommendations
Сall request

Partnership options

Choose the partnership option that’s best for you. 


We can handle the translation part of your production process, whether you work with video creators, podcasters, or corporate videos.

If you are a video creation company or a podcasting platform, add translation to the list of your services. If you are a translation services company, expand your suite of offerings with new languages and options such as dubbing of corporate videos. Let’s work together. We’ll take care of the translation, you take care of client communications. The only cost to you is the cost of our services, and your clients remain your clients.



If you are interested in adding the translation tools to your repertoire but want to avoid serving as an intermediary between your clients and our service, we could integrate our translation tool into your site-based toolkit, platform, or app. Let’s grow together! Get in touch with us to discuss the specific terms of such partnership. 


The terms are simple here: Tell the world about us and earn extra cash. There is no limit on how much you can make. There are three affiliate partnership options available:

  1. You put a referral link on your site, and we pay for referring customers to our platform.

  2. You put a referral link on your site, and we pay (more!) if the referred customer buys our service.

  3. You agree to host vidby’s banners, slogans, and other advertising content on your website and earn money.