Italian Transcription Services

Italian Transcription Services

Optimize your time and guarantee accuracy with our exceptional Italian transcription services. Effortlessly generate accurate transcripts of your Italian audio using our reliable and efficient transcription solutions. Rely on us for seamless and precise transcription services that perfectly meet your needs.

How to transcribe Italian audio/video to text?

Transcribing Italian audio or video has never been easier. With our service, you can easily obtain accurate and efficient transcription in just 4 simple steps. Discover the convenience and precision of our advanced technology for Italian transcription services. Simplify your transcription process with us today.

01 Download the Italian audio file

Select a convenient method for transmitting the file (audio or video) for translation. You have the option to distribute the link from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, or directly download the video from your device. Click the "Start" button on the vidby's control panel. We provide support for the following commonly used file formats: mp3, wav, mp4, mkv, avi.

02 Fill in the order details

Register or sign in to your personal account. Provide the required information for placing a translation request, which includes specifying the source language of the video and the preferred language for the translated version.

03 Pay

Proceed with the payment procedure to activate your order. The system will provide you with an approximate delivery time according to the information you have provided.

04 Export & Share

Download the final result in the format you prefer. We suggest exporting in SRT subtitle format, and you can choose the video output format.

Convert Italian audio/video to text

video subtitling & translation servicesSubtitles, translation, and dubbing
subtitle serviceSubtitles only
subtitling translation servicesSubtitles with translation
subtitling translation servicesDocument translation
Video length
Source language
English (United Kingdom)
Translation accuracy
Check subtitles by a specialist
Fully automatic
By yourself (self-editing time added to production time)
Check subtitles by a specialist
Create an order
By myself
Order creation
Number of orders

Text (included):

Production time2 days
New files1 min
Order cost$2.75

Formats for downloading

Text included









We support the following Italian transcriptions:

  • Convert Italian MP4 files to text
  • Convert Italian MP3 files to text
  • Convert Italian WAV files to text
  • Convert Italian MKV files to text

Advantages of Italian Speech to Text Transcription

  1. By generating Italian transcriptions for your videos, you can contribute to an enhanced user experience for these Italian-speaking viewers. Individuals who prefer reading instead of listening can easily follow the transcript.
  2. Additionally, transcribing and captioning your videos is crucial for individuals with hearing impairments. More than 360 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss and rely on written text to comprehend your content. Italian transcriptions can broaden your audience by making your videos accessible to these viewers.
  3. Moreover, a significant portion of today's video content is consumed on the move, often without sound. Whether someone is in a public space or swiftly browsing through a video on social media, it has become imperative for content creators to anticipate their videos being watched without audio.
  4. Italian transcriptions can also enhance the discoverability of your videos by search engines. While audio cannot be crawled by search crawlers, your Italian transcript can be read, allowing a better understanding of your content and enabling higher rankings in search results for Italian search terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to import Italian files from different platforms?

If you have Italian files stored on various platforms, vidby offers you the flexibility to import them. Whether it's from Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, or YouTube links, you can easily convert these files into text using our service.

Can vidby convert Italian files into written text?

Indeed, vidby can convert Italian files into written text through our audio to text converter. Our advanced automatic speech recognition software (ASR) accurately transcribes speech from any Italian audio file, regardless of its size, format, or language. This allows you to quickly and efficiently transcribe your Italian audio files into text. Additionally, our service also supports the transcription of video files.

Can native Italian speakers benefit from the audio to text service?

vidby's audio to text service is beneficial for both native and non-native Italian speakers. Even if you are a native Italian speaker, transcribing interviews, presentations, or lectures can be a time-consuming task. Our service can save you time and make the transcription process more convenient.

What is the estimated time required for transcribing my files in Italian?

Curious about the turnaround time for transcribing your Italian files? With vidby's automatic transcription software, you can expect fast results. Within minutes, your Italian files will be transcribed with an impressive accuracy rate of 99%.