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Video is one of the most convenient ways to share thoughts and ideas, and in our modern time, everyone wants to reach as many people as possible. But, the problem appears - it is complicated to dub and translate your video into different languages, and the cost of these services is extremely high.

Vidby wants to help you in this regard. It offers its video translation services to translate video from Chinese to English and vice versa (of course, there are many more options in terms of language pairs) in a faster, affordable, and effective way.

Popularity and specification of the language pair

As you may know, English and Chinese are the two world"s most spoken languages. Over one billion people know each of them and can communicate. And if a company, governmental body, or university wants to reach a large audience, it is necessary to have your videos in both indicated languages.

Chinese is a language that refers to the people of the Republic of China, and it is not wondering that over one billion people know it.

English does not need even an introduction in terms of popularity. Almost the same number of people know it and communicate globally.

Both languages are unique and have different dialects that not everyone knows. And vidby can easily handle all the dialects and provide you with excellent translation.

How to translate from Chinese to English: The algorithm of work

Vidby is a unique online video and audio translation service that uses innovative software based on the work of artificial intelligence. Whit its help, the service can easily make a translation and dubbing of any length and complexity. The work algorithm is an easy process for every customer and consists of a few steps.

  • The first step is required to upload your video to the service or put a link to the video in a special line.
  • The second moment requires the provision of specification of your order. It usually includes the basic data, like the input and output languages, and the addition of different voices (male, female, or both of them).
  • During the third step, it is mandatory to pay (the total price of your order will be estimated automatically). And when your payment is successful, the service starts to translate video from Chinese to English.

Additional features of the video translation service vidby

Many video translator services apply the latest and the most innovative technologies to process the translation from Chinese to English and on the opposite side with ease. However, it is not enough to provide their customers with great results. That is why vidby has a few additional features in its arsenal that stand out from the service among the competitors.

Add a drop of emotions

What is a translated video from Chinese to English without an emotional tone? It is nothing. It cannot deliver a message properly. With this question in mind, the developers of vidby have put a lot of effort into developing an emotional tone. At the present moment, clients of vidby can apply several emotions while ordering the video translation from Chinese to English. Among these emotions are:

  • Anger;
  • Surprise;
  • Sadness;
  • Disgust;
  • Fear;
  • Joy.

As you see that the variety is not that wide, but this feature is experiencing the development stage, and you will be able to use even more emotions in the videos.

Speech synthesizer

While using different software to translate Chinese to English video, the video translation companies rely on that software to generate different voices. Nevertheless, most software can only generate male and female voices. On the other side, vidby obtains a technology that is capable of making voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

This unique and innovative feature gives a shot to make video translation from Chinese to English more realistic. And that is what you are looking for.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

At this point, you know what to expect from vidby and its innovative approach that allows you to translate and dub videos from Chinese to English easily and with an extremely fast delivery time. However, it is necessary to highlight the benefits that you can get while giving a shot to vidby.

Quick time delivery

Most customers expect to get a translated video from Chinese to English as soon as possible. So, the crucial moment is the delivery time. With the help of the video translation service vidby, you can get the needed translation and dubbing 1000 times faster than other services. There is an elementary calculation to have a more precise picture: a one-minute fragment is translated in two minutes.

Guaranteed quality of translated videos

Even though the video translation from Chinese to English and vice versa is processed with the help of artificial intelligence, the quality of the translation is guaranteed to be fantastic. And you cannot even distinguish the translated video from a real one. Furthermore, vidby gives a shot to add a drop of emotions to the videos and generate real-person voices by different groups (children, teenagers, adults, and seniors). With these features, it has become possible to make the translation of different videos from Chinese to English of great quality.

Low cost

You may assume that the cost of these video translation services will be extremely high due to the use of something innovative. However, vidby offers its clients affordable prices, which are calculated based on the specifications of the clients.

A variety of subscriptions

If you want to spend even more money, you can choose one out of three available subscriptions. These subscriptions are suitable for clients who deal with the need to translate Chinese to English video regularly. The difference between the plans lies in the maximum length of original/translated video, the number of voices available, and additional features. The price range varies from $750 for the Basis subscription to $2950 for the Professional one, which includes coaching and the opportunity to edit transcripts.

An opportunity to edit

Sometimes, you need to edit your transcript or change it. And thanks to a special feature, which is available for the users of the Professional subscription only, they are flexible in editing and have an option to perfect their transcripts.

How to get a translated video from Chinese to English?

There is nothing easier than finding the answer to the question - how to translate Chinese video to English? The only thing required is the use of the video translation services of the vidby platform. It is necessary to go through a few elementary stages to make the translation done.

  1. The video translation platform vidby will ask you to upload a video that you want to translate and dub or put a link to the video. Only after this moment the Start button will become green, and you can initiate the procedure.
  2. After clicking on the Start button, the service wants you to specify your order. At this stage, it is mandatory to indicate the language of the original video, the language you are interested in, and the voice of the dubbing (whether it is a female voice or male).
  3. It is required to process a payment for the video translation services. Usually, the price is calculated and estimated automatically so that you will see how much money it costs. However, you can always buy a subscription and save some money.
  4. It is the easiest stage ever while looking for the answer to the question (how to translate Chinese video to English?) because you need to wait until the translation and dubbing are finished. For short videos, the awaiting time is not that long, but it takes more time while the service tries to do the same work for longer videos, like a one-hour length.

When the video is getting translated, you need to click on the Download button and save the video on your device.


How to translate a Chinese video into English?

If the need to translate a video from Chinese to English has appeared, it is necessary to go to the official website of vidby and go through a few simple steps. The first step is to upload your video to the service. Your second step requires adding specifications to your order, including specifications of the language pair - Chinese-English or English-Chinese. You will be asked to pay for the video transition during the third step. And after doing these things, you will receive your translated and dubbed video within the indicated time.

How long does it take to translate from Chinese to English?

It is always important to know how much time the process of video translating from Chinese to English takes. And the great news is that video translation can be done faster than traditional approaches to video translation. A one-minute video will be translated in two minutes, thanks to implementing the advanced technology based on artificial intelligence. So, you can benefit from vidby in terms of timely delivery.

Is it easy to translate and dub a video from Chinese to English?

Usually, the process of video translation from Chinese to English is highly complicated because of the complexity of the first-mentioned language and the need to use the help of professional artists and translators. However, vidby does not need to have these specialists to make the transition. Thanks to the innovative and modern technology, the video translation service can translate and dub videos from Chinese to English and vice versa without any difficulties.

Is it expensive to translate and dub any video from Chinese to English?

Considering the traditional approach of translation and dubbing, which includes the involvement of many professionals in different fields, it is worth noting that the cost of video translation at vidby is affordable. This affordability comes from implementing the technology that does not require hiring translators and artists. And due to these reasons, the expenses are reduced to the minimum.