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Translate Gujarati Video to English

The importance of video translation and dubbing always matters, especially when trying to reach a new market with a new target audience. And there is always a need to translate and dub your videos from one language to another to overcome the language barrier. The translation of a video from English to another popular one, like French or German, is an easy task, but what about the language pair of English and Gujarati?

In this article, we will touch on the topic of the Gujarati to English translation video process using the online video translator vidby. In addition, you will know the benefits of working with this innovative service and how to get a translated video within the frame of this language pair.

The popularity and complexities of the language pair (Gujarati-English)

You know that English is the most spoken language in the world. Still, you probably do not know that Gujarati is the language spoken by around 55 million people fluently (4.5% of the total population) and takes the 26th position in this rating.

Even though English has multiple dialects and a lot of complexities in terms of translation, Gujarati (one of the Indian languages spoken by the residents of Gujarati) is even more complicated. So, it is a challenge to do the translation properly and convey the main idea of your videos correctly. Therefore, vidby comes to the game.

The algorithm of work: How to translate from Gujarati to English at vidby?

Undoubtedly, knowing how to translate video Gujarati to English is always interesting. The work algorithm is pretty straightforward at vidby, and every user can easily understand it.

From the very first moment, it is necessary to provide the translation service (the AI-based software) with the video, which must be translated and dubbed. To do this, you can either link the video directly on the special line located on the service’s main page or upload the needed video from your device.

To make the video translation properly, the service will request you to specify the order’s details. These details usually include the specification of:

  • The original language of the video (English or Gujarati);
  • The language you want to translate and dub a video into (English or Gujarati);
  • Voices (the number and the gender);
  • The video format (MP4 or MKV).

After providing the video translation service with these specifications, it is required to pay for these services. The total sum will be displayed at the bottom of the order page. You can also select the currency you want and the payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, or CashTime).

And the last stage of this process is the waiting time - you need to wait until the software does a video translate Gujarati to English after the successful payment. The approximate time will also be displayed on the order page near the payment options. And that is all you need to know about the working algorithm of this service.

Additional services to improve the translation from Gujarati to English

There are plenty of video translation services that offer high-quality translation services. And to make vidby different, the developers have put a lot of effort while creating and developing outstanding features.

A multitude of emotions

As the video translation service mostly relies on AI-based software, the very first moment that should be improved is the emotional aspect. It is well-known that any software lacks emotions while dubbing any video from Gujarati to English and vice versa. With this idea in mind, the development team has developed a few emotions that can be applied to the videos. Among these emotions are:

  • Anger;
  • Sadness;
  • Fear;
  • Joy;
  • Disgust;
  • Surprise.

The list of emotions is small, but the developers have been trying to extend it, and soon, there will be more emotions.

Speech synthesizer

Another crucial moment, which stands out in the video translation service vidby, is a speech synthesizer. This innovative technology allows users to dub and translate video Gujarati to English in different voices. By different voices, it means that the AI-based software can generate the voices of people of different age groups, like children, teenagers, adults, and seniors to make videos sound more natural.

With the help of the speech synthesizer, it is possible to make dubbing close to perfection, and the viewers will not see the difference between the original video and translated one.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

The above features are great, but several more benefits await you. These benefits are also crucial and worth considering, especially when you need to translate Gujarati video to English.

Quick translation result

The first important moment with a high priority is the opportunity to deliver the video translation from Gujarati to English as quickly as possible. Any business appreciates the time, and if the service can deliver the outcome result in the fastest manner, it is a huge advantage.

Vidby and its AI-based software can guarantee an enormous speed in this regard. First, you save a lot of time while avoiding the problem of looking for professional video and voice translators. And secondly, these people need time to do the translation and dubbing (a double work). The software translates and dubs any video simultaneously. And the estimated time is equal to the double time of the original video (a one-minute video will be translated/dubbed in two minutes). Impressive, is not it?

Guaranteed quality of translation

Touching on the topic of quality of translation, it is worth giving respect to this software and the development team because the quality is on a high level. And thanks to the additional features (we talked about them above), improve the quality of any video translation and dubbing to the maximum.

So, you do not have doubts and worries about the quality of any video translate Gujarati to English or vice versa. And if you need proof, you can check the examples of the video translation on the official website of vidby.

Low cost

One more obvious advantage of using the video translation services of vidby is the ability to reduce costs. Considering that this language pair does not belong to an extremely popular one, the expenses of hiring specialists (a professional translator and artist) can reach unbelievable sums.

In the case of vidby, there is no need to hire these professionals because the software is in charge (one program replaces many people). And this moment can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Different subscriptions

For people who are regularly dealing with the need for video translation and dubbing, the video translation service vidby offers three various subscriptions:

  • Basis;
  • Extended;
  • Professional.

From the name of these subscriptions, it is obvious that they are designed for specific purposes. For instance, the Basis subscription fits perfectly for customers who need to translate and dub up to 80 minutes (a video length) of the original videos and apply only one voice, while the Professional subscription extends these limitations by up to 400 minutes and 10 voices, respectively.

Editing of transcripts

And the last incredible benefit of using the services of vidby is the opportunity to edit the ready-made transcripts. This option is available for the users of the Professional subscription only and allows them to improve the quality and the accuracy of their videos to their maximum point.

How to get a translated video from Gujarati to English?

There is nothing complicated in answering the question - how to translate Gujarati video to English? It is worth knowing that this process requires you to go through a few simple steps, namely:

  • Step 1. Make sure you have provided the video translation service vidby with the video you need to translate and dub. The easiest way to do this is to link directly to the video. There is also an option to upload a video from your device.
  • Step 2. Specify the details of the order. This specification means that you need to select the original language of the video (Gujarati or English) and the language of the outcome video (Gujarati or English), set up the voice settings (the number of voices and their genders), and choose the video (MP4/MKV) and audio formats (MP3/WAV).
  • Step 3. Make a payment using the most convenient option (Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, or CashTime). The total sum will be displayed on the page of the specification of the order details.
  • Step. 4. Wait until the video translation service has all the work done.

After going through all these steps, you will receive a video file that should be downloaded to your device.


Vidby is an excellent solution that helps businesses scale and reaches a new target audience while offering its Gujarati to English translation video service. In addition, it has a lot of benefits that will reduce your expenses and the delivery time but save the high quality of the translation.


How long does it take to translate from Gujarati to English?

To answer this question, it is worth understanding the logic of the time estimation. At vidby, the video translation from Gujarati to English (or from English to Gujarati) takes the same time. Namely, a one-minute video is going to be translated and dubbed within the frame of two minutes. So, the logic is the following: you need to double the time of the original video, and you get the estimated time, which you need to wait.

Is the video translation from Gujarati to English expensive at vidby?

Considering that hiring video and voice translators (to translate any video from Gujarati to English) is a pretty expensive thing, you may think that the video translation services within this language pair are also expensive. However, vidby allows everyone to reduce these expenses to their possible minimum. It is possible because the video translation service vidby uses unique software based on artificial intelligence. So, thanks to this innovative solution, there is no need to hire different specialists and pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars for their professional services.

What is the quality of translation from Gujarati to English at vidby?

Vidby uses AI-based innovative software that translates and dubs any video from Gujarati to English. And it is not surprising that the video dubbing and translation quality are possibly high. Thanks to the advanced technologies and additional features (speech synthesizer and the application of a variety of emotions), all the outcome results are close to perfection.

How accurate is the video translation and dubbing from Gujarati to English?

Sometimes, there are some doubts that artificial intelligence may translate or dub some words from Gujarati to English or vice versa incorrectly. However, the video translation service vidby, which implements AI-based software for video translation, has an amazing score of accuracy. It is equal to 99% (real people can also make mistakes).