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Translation of your video from Malay into English in the Vidby service

In our modern time, it is not surprising that most companies, universities, governmental institutions, and other organizations choose a video to engage with people and reach new target audiences. The only problem lies in the language barrier. Since there are so many languages worldwide, it is a time-consuming and expensive thing to translate and dub videos from one language to another. It is even more challenging to translate Malay video to English.

In this article, we will provide you with a great solution - the online video translator vidby, and explain to you what advantages you can take while using this innovative service. So, let us get to know this language pair first.

The popularity and complexities of the language pair (Malay-English)

The first language of this group is Malay. It is an official language in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. The number of native speakers reaches the point of 55.4 million people, while the total number of people who can speak and understand this language is approximately 290 million. This language is easy to learn because there is no tonal language, no changes of words in terms of usage of different tenses, and no gender. Conversely, it is not that easy to translate from or into.

The second language of the pair is English. This language does not need any introduction because over 1.5 billion people can speak and understand it. And the most complicated thing about English is the number of dialects (162). Each of these dialects has something specific and unique, so it is challenging to translate from or into this language correctly without losing the main message.

So, if you deal with this language pair and need video translation and dubbing services, you must consider vidby.

The algorithm of work: How to translate a video from Malay to English at vidby?

Before doing any video translation from Malay to English or in the opposite direction, it is always interesting to know the translation algorithm - how does vidby handle this issue?

It is a piece of cake (considering the customer"s perspective) to translate video Malay to English. It is necessary to make a few simple actions, and your translation will be ready.

First and foremost, it is required to upload the video to the video translation service vidby. After the success, you will be asked to specify the translation details (it is a kind of a guideline for the AI-based software, which will be in charge and does the translation and dubbing). And finally, you need to download the translated video on your device. That is the algorithm of work.

Additional services to improve the video translation from Malay to English

The competition level in the video translation market is exceptionally high, and it is essential to have something that will help stand out from others. The Malay to English translation video service vidby features a few additional developments that serve as additional tools to improve the quality of the video translation.

A multitude of emotions

As you may know that companies that rely on innovative technologies do not put enough effort into developing these technologies and consequently provide their customer with unsatisfied results because of the lack of emotions. At vidby, there is an option to apply some feelings to the translated videos and do these videos live. The list of emotions includes:

  • Anger;
  • Joy;
  • Sadness;
  • Surprise;
  • Fear;
  • Disgust.

With the help of these emotions, you can quickly get a video translate Malay to English outcome that will sound more natural and realistic.

Speech synthesizer

A speech synthesizer is one more development that allows customers to assign different voices to the translated videos. It does not matter whether you need a voice of a male or female. You can set the parameter required and get the needed result. What is more, you will be capable of assigning the voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

To stand out from the competitors, vidby offers a few more benefits that are useful to have. And these benefits help you both to save your time and save your money. So, let us consider all these moments.

Quick translation result

One of the most prominent things about the video translation service vidby is the ability to translate video Malay to English 1,000 times faster compared to other traditional companies that rely on professional voice translators and video translators. This result is achieved thanks to the implementation of innovative technology based on artificial intelligence.

Guaranteed quality of translation

This innovative AI-based software guarantees high-quality translation and dubbing. And it is getting possible because of the combined work of this software and the additional tools (the implementation of emotions and speech synthesizer).

Low cost

Since the video translation from Malay to English is done with the help of one single software and a few additional tools, there is no need to hire professionals in the industry (different translators and artists). And if there is no need to hire these specialists (they can be pretty expensive), there is an excellent way to save money.

A variety of subscriptions

  • Free. Ideal for those who need quick access to basic features.
  • Starter. Great for those who need more than a minimal set of standard features.
  • ProPopular. Best for professionals who need the full range of advanced features.

Choose your subscriptions

Editing of transcripts

After purchasing a membership on the Professional subscription, the option to edit transcripts is unlocked. With the help of this option, you can proofread and correct these transcripts and translate the videos more accurately.

How to get a translated video from Malay to English

If there is a need to translate video Malay to English, it is worth visiting vidby and following the following instruction, which includes three steps.

Upload your video. First of all, you need to put a link to the video you want to translate from Malay to English (or from English to Malay) in a particular link located on the main page of the website. It is also possible to upload the video from your desktop.

Specify your order. Without the additional information, the video translation service vidby will not be able to specify and clarify some moments: the original language of the video, the language you want to use for the translation, and the audio (MP3/WAV) and video (MP4/MKV) formats.

Download your video. After providing the service with the video itself and specific information, the AI-based software initiates the process of translation and dubbing. When the process is over, you can download it on your device.


Vidby is a video translation service that is based on innovative technology and uses additional tools to improve the quality of the translation and dubbing. With its help, you can translate Malay video to English and vice versa fats for an affordable price and without losing the quality of the translation.


How long does it take to translate a video from Malay to English at vidby?

Usually, the video translation and dub from Malay to English or vice versa takes a lot of time if you use the services with the traditional approach of the video translation. However, the video translation service vidby allows getting the translated video incredibly faster. Thanks to the implementation of the innovative technology based on artificial intelligence, you can get the translation done 1,000 faster than traditional services.

What is the quality of the video translation from Malay to English at vidby?

It is worth giving respect to the video translation service vidby because the quality of translation is impressive. Even though the video translation from Malay to English or vice versa is done by the software, the additional services help the service reach astonishing results and do the translation as correct and natural as possible.

How can I translate a video from Malay to English?

One of the proven ways to dub and translate Malay videos to English is to use the services of vidby. Compared to other video translation companies/agencies, vidby offer a fast and incredibly affordable way of getting a translated video from Malay to English. The process of translation and dubbing is wholly automatized. But you still need to provide the service with the video you wish to translate, specify the details (to make sure that the software will translate your video in the right way), and when the service is done with this task, it is necessary to download the video.

How accurate is the video translation from Malay to English at vidby?

You may be wondering how accurate the video translation from Malay to English can be at vidby (due to the fact that all the processes are done by the software). Nevertheless, the level of accuracy is 99%. And if you purchase the Professional subscription, you can quickly increase this number up to 100%.