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Translation of your video from Portuguese into English in the Vidby service

There are many ways to communicate in our contemporary time, but one of the fundamental problems remains the language barrier. Businesses, governmental institutions, universities, and film industry companies want to translate and dub their videos from Portuguese to English or in the opposite direction. So, what is the most effective approach to do so?

In this article, we will answer the most worrying question - how to translate a video from Portuguese to English? In addition, you will learn that this process is a piece of cake (if you use the services of vidby). So, let us start with the consideration of the language pair first and its specifications.

The popularity and complexities of the language pair (Portuguese-English)

It is a well-known truth that English is the most popular language in the world. Approximately 400 million are native speakers of this language, while over one billion people can understand it fluently. Even though this language has over 160 distinct dialects, it is not a massive problem for communication.

On the other side, we have Portuguese. This language belongs to the world"s top ten most spoken languages because over 154 million native speakers and over 100 million people speak it as their second language. Portuguese heritages many words from Latin, so it is not that difficult to do an accurate translation. However, the best way to find an answer to the question (how to translate a video from Portuguese into English?) is the video translation service vidby.

The algorithm of work: How to translate a video from Portuguese into English at vidby?

There is nothing complicated in understanding the algorithm of work of the video translation service vidby. But, it is necessary to know that the video translation approach is in roots different from the traditional ways of the video translation. While many video translation services rely on real people (they hire professional voice translators and other experts), vidby takes charge of its innovative solution, which is basically based on artificial intelligence.

So, firstly, it is necessary to upload the video, which will be translated and dubbed from Portuguese to English or vice versa, or put a direct link to the video and click on the Start button.

After doing this, the video translation service vidby will request you to specify the details of your order. Usually, it is a few questions to make the translation accurate and in the right way.

When this step is behind, the final action is required - to pay for the video translation service and wait for the outcome. And the great news is that all the video translation processes are entirely automatized.

Additional services to improve translation from Portuguese to English

Considering the high competition level in the market, it is not enough to rely on AI-based software only. Therefore, vidby has a few developments in progress to improve the quality of the translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa.

A multitude of emotions

The first development is based on assigning different emotions to the video transition. Obviously, all the translated videos will be unnatural and sound robotic without emotions. And with this idea in mind, the developers from vidby have started to develop the possibility of using the following specter of emotions:

  • Anger;
  • Joy;
  • Sadness;
  • Disgust;
  • Fear;
  • Surprise.

With the help of these emotions, your videos will be natural and be able to convey the message properly.

Speech synthesizer

The second significant development is a speech synthesizer. This innovative technology allows translation into different voices. It means that you can both assign the voices of males and females according to their age. It means that it is getting easier to generate the voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

These additional services are great, but a few more things need to be mentioned - even more benefits of using the services of vidby.

Quick translation result

Time always matters, and whether you are a business owner or a film studio owner, you understand what is the case here. vidby uses its AI-based algorithm to translate a video from Portuguese to English (English to Portuguese). And with the help of this algorithm, the time is not an issue because the delivery time of the final result (a translated and dubbed video) is impressive. This delivery time is 1,000 times faster compared to other companies that rely mostly on people rather than technology.

Guaranteed quality of translation

Even though time always matters, there is a need to pay attention to the quality of the video translation as well. Thanks to the innovative algorithm, the quality of any video translation remains at a high level. And if you need proof, you can visit the official website of vidby and check the examples of the translated videos for your own. And what is important, all the processes are completely automatized.

Low cost

There is always a need to save some money, and vidby allows you and your company to do this. Instead of using the traditional video translation services that may be extremely expensive because of the necessity to hire real industry professionals, you can make an order and translate any video from Portuguese to English or vice versa while using the AI-based software at vidby. Definitely, you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A variety of subscriptions

  • Free. Ideal for those who need quick access to basic features.
  • Starter. Great for those who need more than a minimal set of standard features.
  • ProPopular. Best for professionals who need the full range of advanced features.

Choose your subscriptions

Editing of transcripts

The members of the Professional subscription get a unique opportunity to edit the transcripts. This opportunity increases the accuracy of the video translation to its maximum. And instead of the guaranteed 99%, you can reach the point of 100% so easily.

How to translate a video from Portuguese to English?

The last question remains - how to translate a video from Portuguese into English and vice versa with the help of the video translation service vidby? To start with, it is not a complicated process because it is fully automatized. However, you need to go through three simple actions.

  • Action 1 - Provide the service with the original video. And it is evident that the video translation service will not be able to translate and dub video from Portuguese to English without having the video file. You can do it either with the help of a direct link to the video or upload the needed video from your device. And click on Start.
  • Action 2 - Specify your order. To make sure that the translation will be correct, it is mandatory to provide the service with what you expect to have. It means that you need to select the original language of the video, the language you wish to translate it, the audio and video formats of the output, and a few more things.
  • Action 3 - Make a payment. It is not surprising that you will be asked to pay for the services before the process of video translation and dub is going to be started. The total sum will be displayed on the same page with the specification of the order. You can process payment via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, or a SWIFT transfer.

And that is all you need to do to get a translated and dubbed video in the frame of this language pair.


Vidby is an excellent solution that helps you translate a video from Portuguese to English or vice versa and save both your money and time while not impacting the quality of the translation.


How long does the translation and dub from Portuguese to English take?

The most exciting thing about vidby is the exceptional speed of delivery of the outcome translation from Portuguese to English. While traditional video translation services take a lot of time to translate videos for apparent reasons, vidby can perform this task 1,000 times faster. The calculator of the remaining time is elementary: a one-minute video is translated within the frame of two minutes. So, double the time of the original video and get the result.

Is the video translation from Portuguese to English expensive at vidby?

No, the video translation from Portuguese to English at vidby is not expensive. The low cost of the services is due to the fact that AI-based software does the job, and there is no need to hire professionals, like video and voice translators, to translate and dub your videos.

What is the quality of video translation from Portuguese to English?

Touching on the quality of the video translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa at vidby, it is worth indicating that it does not differ from the quality of the traditional video translation and dub agencies that primarily rely on people rather than technologies. And if you still have doubts, you can check and watch the translation examples on the official website.

How accurate is the video translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa?

Nothing is perfect, and the video translation from Portuguese to English (like from English to Portuguese) is done with an accuracy of 99%. However, with the help of the additional feature (the opportunity to edit transcripts), it is getting easier to improve the accuracy and make it 100%.