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People like to watch different videos, which is one of the most attractive ways to reach a new audience. However, when you are trying to convey the main message in your video from one language to another, the problem of the language barrier occurs, especially when you are dealing with the language pair of Romanian and English.

In this article, you will get to know the video translator vidby, which is an excellent problem-solver in this regard. Moreover, you will find the answer to how to translate a video from Romanian to English?

The popularity and complexities of the language pair (Romanian-English)

Considering this language pair, English does not need any introduction because, among 7.73 billion people, over 1.5 billion can speak and understand this language fluently. The only complexity of the language lies in an extensive list of dialects because there are at least 160 of them.

On the contrary, you have Romanian, an official language for the citizens of Romania and Moldovia. Approximately 26 million people speak this language. From this point, it is obvious that Romanian is not as popular as English. This language is not difficult to learn (the US Foreign Service Institute ranks this language as the easiest one to learn), but the lack of translators is a massive problem. So, how to translate a video from Romanian to English if there is a lack of specialists?

The algorithm of work: How to translate a video from Romanian to English at vidby?

Vidby provides its qualified and innovative solution to solve the translation problem from Romanian to English and vice versa. And this solution is too easy to understand the working algorithm of the translation process (from the customer's perspective).

First and foremost, the service requires an original video that will be consequently translated. When you have provided vidby with the video, you click on the Start button and will be requested to specify the order's details.

During the next step, it is mandatory to pay for the video translating and dubbing services first. Otherwise, the service will not initiate the process.

And finally, you need to wait until the AI-based software translates and dubs the given video. Usually, it takes not so much time, but this time depends on the total length of the video.

Additional service to improve translation from Romanian to English

To make the service even more valuable, vidby has developed a few additional products that are intended to improve the quality of the video. So, let us take a close look at them.

A multitude of emotions

It is a well-known truth that every translated video should have emotions (or at least some sort of), and the developers at vidby understand this importance. Thus, in the current development plan, there is a technology that allows adding multiple emotions to the video translated from Romanian to English. This technology cannot boast an extensive list of emotions and have only the following ones:

  • Anger;
  • Sadness;
  • Disgust;
  • Joy;
  • Surprise;
  • Fear.

These six emotions are just ground, and in the near future, there will be more of them available for use.

Speech synthesizer

The next product is a speech synthesizer. This product allows customers to apply different voices, whether it is the voice of a male or female. But the developers have gone further and made it possible to assign the voices of different people divided by age (the voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors). And it is a nice product if your goal is to translate Romanian audio from video online to English, which will sound natural.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

The additional products to improve the translation quality are great, but it is still worth getting to know the benefits of working with vidby. The video translation service gives you a few advantages that you can take easily.

Quick translation result

The first advantage of vidby is the incredible speed of the delivery. You can translate Romanian audio from video online 1,000 faster than other video translation services and agencies. This phenomenal speed is caused by the implemented innovative software, primarily based on artificial intelligence. And the reduction of this time is since computers make the translation and dub faster than humans.

Guaranteed quality of translation

The second advantage of the service is the exceedingly good quality of the video translation from Romanian to English and in the opposite direction. Although the translation and dub are done by a computer (the AI-based software), you will not see a significant difference between this translation and the translation done with the help of the traditional approach (where people are involved).

Low cost

As all the work is done by one complex AI-based software, you can highlight the next benefit - reducing costs on the same services. While the traditional approach requires payment for different specialists (voice and video translators), you must pay for one program. And this moment significantly helps you save hundreds and thousands of dollars. And what is great, you will get the same quality of the translated video from Romanian to English.

Different subscriptions

The next stop is for the customers who deal with a need for video translation and dub from Romanian to English regularly. vidby has three subscriptions that are suitable for customers with different purposes. Among these subscriptions are:

  • Basis;
  • Extended;
  • Professional.

From their name, it is clear that the Basis plan fits better for not demanding customers who can only make do with one voice. And the Professional subscription is designed for people who deal with lengthy videos and need multiple voices (up to 10).

Editing of transcripts

And the last benefit of working with vidby is a great opportunity to edit any transcript that you get. This editing allows you to better the quality of the video translation and make it 100% accurate.

How to get a translated video from Romanian to English?

To answer the question of how to translate Romanian to English and get the video, you need to go through an elementary process, which includes a few straightforward steps. And everything will be done by the software itself.

First step. At the beginning of the video translation process from Romanian to English, you need to provide the service with a video that is required to be translated. This step takes a moment because there is enough to put a link to the video or upload it from your device (it takes more time). When you have done this, it is necessary to press the Start button.

Second step. After clicking on Start, you will see a new window with many lines that need to be filled in. This is a step of the specification of your order. The service needs to be sure of what you expect from it. In general, the specification information includes the video"s original language, the language you want to translate this video into, the assignation of the voices, and the audio/video formats of the outcome result.

Third step. When you have already done with the specification of your order, you will be asked to pay for the services of the company. You will see the total sum of the order on the same window where you specified your order. It is possible to pay via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, GooglePay, and ApplePay, or send money via SWIFT transfer. And that is what you need to know how to translate Romanian to English


If you are looking for the best way how to translate a video from Romanian to English and wish to find an affordable solution without problems with the quality of the translation and dun, you need to consider vidby.


How long does it take to translate the video from Romanian to English at vidby?

One of the most essential and worrying questions about this service is the delivery time of the translated video from Romanian to English and vice versa at vidby. The answer will satisfy you because the estimated time of video translation is calculated by the following formula: a one-minute video is translated for two minutes. And this is fascinating because the traditional video translation services will do the same job 1,000 times slower.

How do I translate a Romanian video into English?

It is one of the most straightforward processes if you take the video translation services of vidby. To translate and dub any video from Romanian to English or vice versa, you must upload your video, specify all the details, and pay for the service. The AI-based software will do everything for you, and everything you remain to do is wait until the work is done and download the video to your device.

What is the quality of the video translation from Romanian to English at vidby?

Considering the aspect of quality, it is worth indicating that the quality of the video translation from Romanian to English (from English to Romanian) is so close to the video translation done by using the traditional approach. Thanks to the innovative AI-based technology and additional supportive services, the translated video within this language pair is excellent. To prove these words, you can go to the official website of vidby and watch the examples.

How accurate is the video translation from Romanian to English at vidby?

The accuracy rate of any translation from Romanian to English at vidby is 99%. However, you can use additional functionalities of the service and increase this rate to the maximum possible point of 100%.