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Translate Tamil Video to English

Many international companies and organizations consider videos one of the effective ways to reach a new audience. They produce exciting videos with interesting ideas and valuable messages, but the problem of the language barrier still exists. And that is where the video translation service vidby joins the game. With its help, it is not an issue to dub and translate video Tamil to English. This process has become more accessible.

In this article, you will learn more about this language pair, additional features of the video translation service with its benefits, and figure out how to translate any video from Tamil to English or from English to Tamil.

The popularity and specification of the language pair (Tamil-English)

It is worth indicating that English is the world's most spoken language. At least 400 million people use this language as their mother tongue, and additional 1.1 billion people can fluently speak and understand it. Since there are so many people who talk in English, the challenge for translators arises - the incredible number of dialects. In total, English has 160 dialects, and each dialect is unique with its specific colloquialisms and idioms.

On the other side, it is Tamil - an official language for the citizens of Tamil Nadu. This language is one of the most spoken languages in India, with over 75 million native speakers. The primary complexity of the language is that its written and spoken forms are different.

For the video translation service vidby, it is not a problem because its AI-based software can handle this issue and guarantee a fast and high-quality translation from Tamil to English.

The algorithm of work: How to translate from Tamil to English at vidby?

As mentioned earlier in this article, the AI-based software is in charge while talking about how to translate Tamil video to English. But how is it possible? What is the working algorithm of the service?

The answers are simple and straightforward (if we consider them from the customer's perspective). The software was specifically designed with the purpose of translating and dubbing any video within the frame of this language pair. And that is why it is possible.

The working algorithm is also effortless for customers because the customer needs to do three things: upload the video, provide the service with the specific information about the order, and download the video.

The additional services to improve the translation from Tamil to English

To make the Tamil to English translation video service even more beneficial in terms of the video translation quality, the development team has been working on several additional products (tools) that are designed with the already obvious purpose.

A multitude of emotions

To start with, it is worth mentioning the first vidby product that allows adding different emotions to the videos while making all expressions more natural. The list of emotions is not extensive yet but includes the following ones:

  • Fear;
  • Disgust;
  • Anger;
  • Sadness;
  • Joy;
  • Surprise.

With the help of this innovative tool, the video translation service makes it easier to dub videos as naturally as possible.

Speech synthesizer

To assign different voices to the voices of people in the videos, the video translation, and dub service vidby offers a speech synthesizer. It allows for the application of voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

It is clearly understood that additional tools can grab your attention, but there are a few things that will attract your attention more.

Quick translation result

Without any doubt, everyone wants to dub and translate video Tamil to English as soon as possible, and it is an easy task for the video translation service vidby. This service uses innovative technology, which is essentially based on artificial intelligence, and with this technology on the board, any translation from Tamil to English is a fast process. It is possible to dub and translate a one-minute video from Tamil to English or vice versa for two minutes. The math is - double the time of the total length of the video and get the estimated time of the result's delivery.

Guaranteed quality of translation

In addition to a quick translation result, vidby provides its customers with exceptional video translation quality. It is possible to reach thanks to the AI-based software and the additional tools. And if you still have doubts, you can always watch the examples of the video translation on the official website.

Low cost

To help you save a lot of money (you know that the traditional video translation approach is costly), vidby and its software exclude the need to hire professional translators and artists. And this exclusion makes it possible to cut off the expenses to their minimum.

Different subscriptions

Vidby also offers its customers to purchase one out of three subscriptions to cut off the expenses. Among these subscriptions are:

  • Basis;
  • Extended;
  • Professional.

These subscriptions are different in terms of the total video length, the number of assigned voices, and the presence of additional perks to improve the quality and accuracy while making a video translate Tamil to English.

Editing of transcripts

And one more thing to consider is the opportunity to edit transcripts after the AI-based software has finished the video translation process. This feature helps increase the accuracy rate to its maximum because of the capability to correct the translation. Bear in mind that this feature is available for the members of the Professional subscription.

How to translate a video from Tamil to English?

The video translation service vidby offers an innovative way to make a video translate Tamil to English and in the opposite direction. Thanks to the implemented advanced technology, which is primarily based on artificial intelligence, the process of dubbing and translating is easy and completely automatized. Nevertheless, it is necessary to participate in this process and do the following things:

First and foremost, the Tamil to English translation video service will ask you to give it a video that will be translated and dubbed. It can be done in two ways. The first way requires you to put a link in a special line (located on the official website's main page). And the second way is to upload the video from your device by clicking on the Upload button.

The second thing that you need to do is to specify the details of your video translation request. It means that it is necessary to provide the service with specific information about the order. In general, the needed information is:

  • The language of the original video;
  • The language you want to translate your video into;
  • The output format of your audio and video tracks;
  • The assignation of the voices (male/female).

Thirdly, you will be asked to pay for the video translation service. After setting up the required parameters, the total sum will be displayed on the same page with the specification information. To pay for the service, you can use the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard;
  • Visa;
  • PayPal;
  • ApplePay;
  • GooglePay;
  • SWIFT transfer.

And that is almost the end of this process. When payment is successful, the software initiates the process of translating and dubbing your video from Tamil to English or vice versa. The last thing that remains is to download the video to your device.


Vidby is a great and affordable way to translate Tamil video to English (or from English to Tamil). With the help of the service and its innovative approach, you will get what you need faster and without losing quality.


How long does it take to translate a video from Tamil to English at vidby?

The video translation and dub service vidby uses an innovative approach while doing any translation from Tamil to English and vice versa. This innovative approach allows the service to provide its customers with an exceptional speed of translation and dub. A one-minute video fragment is translated and dubbed for two minutes. And this speed is 1,000 times faster than other video translation services, which rely on the traditional approach, can offer to their customers.

What is the quality of the translation from Tamil to English at vidby?

Talking about the quality of the video translation, it is worth highlighting that the video translation service vidby uses AI-based software in combination with a few additional services (speech synthesizer and the implementation of emotions) to guarantee satisfactory results and highly accurate video translations.

How accurate is the video translation from Tamil to English at vidby?

To answer the question about the accuracy rate of the video translation from Tamil to English at vidby, it is worth knowing that the service uses a solid complex of innovative technologies, which make it possible to have 99%. And the particular feature of the Professional subscription - editing of transcripts, gives a shot to increase this number to its maximum (to 100%).

How can I translate a video from Tamil to English?

If you are looking for an effective way to translate a video from Tamil to English or vice versa, you probably should consider the video translation service vidby. This innovative solution uses advanced technology based on artificial intelligence, which completely automatized the video translation process. You need to upload the video, specify the order details, pay for the service, and download the translated video.