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Translate Telugu Video to English

Language is an excellent way of communication, and video is a great tool to help this communication spread around the globe. Many international companies, universities, governmental bodies, and other institutions or persons use videos to reach new audiences or enter new markets. However, the language barrier is the only problem that divides you and the new global audience. So, the online video translator vidby is your problem-solver that can translate and dub in multiple languages, especially if you need to translate Telugu video to English.

In this article, you will learn more about this language pair and the most effective way to make dub and translation. In addition, we will reveal to you all the ups and downs of this video translation company.

The popularity and specification of the language pair (Telugu-English)

On the one hand, we have English, a language spoken by over 1.6 billion people globally (over 400 million native speakers of the language). It is a language with an exciting and long-way history with over 160 dialects. And these dialects are the primary pain for every video translator because of specific colloquialisms, local jargonic expressions, idioms (that cannot be translated in the word-by-word order), and ambiguity in meanings.

On the other hand, we have Telugu, the official language for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (some Indian states). It means that 82 million people are native speakers of this language. And additionally, 3 million people use Telugu as their second language. According to Ethnologue, it ranks as the 15th language by the number of native speakers. The main problem of the language (from the perspective of a video and voice translator) is that the declension of nouns in the literal and colloquial languages is different.

To overcome this issue, it is necessary to use the video translation service vidby, which does not think this issue is an issue.

The algorithm of work: How to translate a video from Telugu to English at vidby?

The Telugu to English translation video service vidby does not see any problem in translating and dubbing videos from Telugu to English or in the opposite direction. These processes are entirely automatized because the AI-based software is in charge, and you need to do only a few things to translate your videos.

It is necessary to put a link to a video you want to translate and dub or just upload the video from your device. Then, the video translation service will request you to provide it with some additional information related to the translation itself. It means you need to specify your order.

When all the specific information is provided, the video translation service initiates the process of dubbing and translating. The only thing that remains is the waiting time, after which you can download the translated video.

The additional services to improve the translation from Telugu to English

Understandably, it is not enough to use the innovative technology only to translate video Telugu to English to get great results in terms of dubbing and translating. With this thought in mind, the development team of vidby has started to develop additional products (tools) to make all the translations better and of good quality.

A multitude of emotions

The first innovative development touches on the topic of adding emotions to the translated videos. Without expression of emotions, all videos will be too monotonous and inconvenient. And that is why you can apply the following feelings to your videos:

  • Anger;
  • Disgust;
  • Surprise;
  • Fear;
  • Sadness;
  • Joy.

The list of emotions is not that extensive. But, it is better than nothing, and it is just the beginning - shortly, this list will be added with more options to assign to translate video Telugu to English, which will sound realistic and natural.

Speech synthesizer

The second development is a speech synthesizer. This innovative technology allows the AI-based software to generate different voices giving them gender and age diversification. Thus, assigning the voices of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors to the persons on your videos is getting easier. This tool can improve any video translation from Tegulu to English.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

In addition to the additional products that vidby provides its customers with, there are a few more surprising and pleasant benefits. These benefits have a straightforward goal to make your experience with the video translation service of vidby as positive and memorable as possible.

Quick translation result

For some people, the speed of the translation from Tegulu to English (or from English to Tegulu) is one of the key factors. Thanks to the AI-based technology that makes this video translation happen, the translation is done 1,000 times faster than other services that offer the same video translation services but with the traditional approach on the board. To calculate this time for yourself, you can use the formula: multiply the total length of the video, which needs to be translated and dubbed, by two. The received digits will give you a noticeable hint of how much time you need to wait until the service completes this process.

Guaranteed quality of translation

Another benefit that will be a plus for you is that the quality of the translation is not lost. This innovative and advanced technology works together with the additional tools designed to improve the quality of the video translate Telugu to English. Thus, all the translated videos have an emotional tone and natural assignation of the voices.

Low cost

It is a well-known truth that it is necessary to hire people (professional translators and artists) to translate and dub any video from Tegulu to English or vice versa. It is not cheap, especially when we are talking about this language pair. The Telugu to English translation video service vidby allows you to reduce the expenses since the only thing that should be hired is the AI-based software with the additional products in the complect.

A variety of subscriptions

  • Free. Ideal for those who need quick access to basic features.
  • Starter. Great for those who need more than a minimal set of standard features.
  • ProPopular. Best for professionals who need the full range of advanced features.

Choose your subscriptions

Editing of transcripts

The members of the Professional subscription can use the helpful feature of the video translation service - an option to edit transcripts. This feature was developed with a single purpose - to make the video translation from English to Tegulu or vice versa more accurate.

How to get a translated video from Telugu to English?

There is nothing more effortless in the world than making a video translate Telugu to English, especially while using the video translation services of vidby. What you need to do to reach this goal is to follow four simple steps:

  • Step one. To translate and dub a video, it is necessary to have this video and provide a video translation service. You can do this while putting a direct link to the video itself, or it is possible to click on the Upload button and upload the video.
  • Step two. Make sure that the video translation service knows what you need - it requires a guideline to follow. It means that you need to specify the details of your request.
  • Step three. The translation and dub will be initiated only after the successful payment. You can pay for the video translation service via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, or SWIFT.
  • Step four. And it is time to wait until the software will translate and dub the video and ask you to download the video.


vidby is a fantastic video translation service that can easily dub and translate Telugu video to English and vice versa while offering good quality for an affordable price and with an incredible translation speed.


How long does it take to translate Telugu videos into English?

While many video translation services rely on the traditional approach of dubbing and translating, which involves real people, the delivery time is long. But the situation with vidby is entirely different - this video translation service translates any video from Telugu to English and vice versa 1,000 times faster. And this exceptional delivery time is possible because of the implemented AI-based software.

What is the quality of the video translation and dubbing from Telugu to English at vidby?

Besides the incredible fast delivery time, the AI-based software at vidby guarantees the high quality of any translated video from Telugu to English and vice versa. This high quality of video translation is also possible due to two additional tools, which help make all the translated videos as realistic and natural as possible.

How to translate a video from Telugu to English?

It is one of the easiest things to translate a Telugu video into English if you are using the video translation services of vidby. The easiest thing is that you should do almost nothing since the video translation process is completely automated. But, still, you will be asked to upload the original video, specify some details of the order, and pay for the service. After completing these things, you can download the translated video to your device.

How accurate is the video translation from Telugu to English at vidby?

The accuracy rate of any video translation from Telugu to English and in the opposite direction is equal to 99%. Yes, it is not a perfect result. But when you prefer the traditional approach, you will get the same rate or even lower.