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Translation of your video from Ukrainian into English in the Vidby service

The language barrier is one of the most common problems for every business that has an intention to scale globally and reach a new audience. While trying to make your video content properly and understandable for people, it is highly recommended to translate it in the right way and of good quality. However, business people do not want to pay a lot of money for the traditional video translation services to translate video, for instance, from Ukrainian to English or in the opposite direction. And it is the right time to get to know you with vidby, a video translation service that will help you translate Ukrainian video to English.

In this article, you will learn more about this service, its algorithm of work, and the direct benefits of using it. Additionally, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to translate any video within the frame of the language pair mentioned above. But, let us consider the language pair first and its complexities.

The popularity and specification of the language pair (Ukrainian-English)

First of all, it is worth remaining that English is the world's most spoken language. Over 1,6 billion people are capable of speaking and understanding this language fluently. With such a wild population of the language, there are 160 dialects have appeared. And it is one of the most complicated things about this language - to understand appropriately what the speaker of this or that dialect is trying to say because one phrase in one dialect can mean one thing. In another dialect, it has the opposite meaning.

On the other side, we have Ukrainian - it is the native language of the people of Ukraine. According to data from Wikipedia, the total number of native speakers is 40 million people. This language is not widespread as French, German, or Hindi. However, there are at least 40 million potential clients. The main complexity for translators and artists lies in accentuation, declension, verb aspects, and the tricky moments with verbs of motions (some verbs have different meanings).

But, do not worry about the video dubbing and translating your videos from Ukrainian to English - the service vidby will help you to handle the problem, and you will get the needed result.

The algorithm of work: How to translate from Ukrainian to English at vidby?

It is one of the easiest things to translate video Ukrainian to English, especially when you use the services of vidby. From the perspective of a customer, there is nothing complicated in it. The customer is involved minimum because the specifically developed AI-based software translates and dubs videos. And the only thing required from the customer is to go through three simple but straightforward steps: to provide the service with the original video, specify the details of the order, and download the video on the device (whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

After completing these three steps, you get what you are in need of - the translated and dubbed video from Ukrainian to English (or from English to Ukrainian).

The additional features to improve the translation from Ukrainian to English

To make the translation and dub from Ukrainian to English better, the Ukrainian to English translation video service vidby has been developing interesting features. With the help of these features, customers have no questions related to the quality of the final results. So, let us dive into the topic of these features and learn more about them.

A multitude of emotions

The very first feature to consider is the moment of emotions. The development team has designed and been developing a useful feature that allows the AI-based software to apply emotional tones to every translated video. By the moment of writing this article, the video translation service offers the following emotions to apply:

  • Joy;
  • Anger;
  • Disgust;
  • Sadness;
  • Anger;
  • Surprise.

As you can notice, the list of emotions is not so extensive, but it is just the beginning for the company. More emotions will be added sooner.

Speech synthesizer

One more feature that makes an video translate Ukrainian to English and vice versa more realistic is the speech synthesizer. With the help of this synthesizer, it has become possible to generate and assign different voices for dubbed videos. Whether you need to assign the voice of a child, teen, an adult, or a senior, it is getting possible to do this.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

It is understandable that it is not enough to have additional features to satisfy all the customers" needs. With this idea in mind, customers of the Ukrainian to English translation video service vidby are capable of taking even more advantage of it. So, let us consider the most important ones.

Quick translation result

First and foremost, the delivery speed of every translation and dub from Ukrainian to English always matters. And thanks to the AI-based software, which is implemented by vidby, the video translation process is 1,000 times faster compared to other video translation services. This speed is possible because there is no need to hire any video translator or artist to make the work done.

Guaranteed quality of translation

The AI-based software is advanced and can make a video translate Ukrainian to English and vice versa not better than the same translation done by real people. And the additional features help reach the most realistic result. So, the answer is definitely positive considering all these aspects.

Low cost

As mentioned earlier, there is no actual need to hire qualified translators and artists to translate Ukrainian video to English. Since AI-based software is in charge, it can easily replace real people. This replacement allows customers to reduce the costs of the video translation services significantly and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A variety of subscriptions

  • Free. Ideal for those who need quick access to basic features.
  • Starter. Great for those who need more than a minimal set of standard features.
  • ProPopular. Best for professionals who need the full range of advanced features.

Choose your subscriptions

The only differences between the subscriptions lie in the total length of the original videos to translate and dub, the number of assigned voices, and additional features.

Editing of transcripts

This feature is available for the subscribers of the Professional subscription only. It allows the subscribers to edit the transcripts to increase the accuracy rate to its maximum.

How to translate a video from Ukrainian to English?

There is nothing complicated in video translation and dubbing of videos from Ukrainian to English and in the opposite direction. You just need to follow the guideline mentioned below, which consists of a few steps.

The first step. Firstly, it is necessary to go to the official website of vidby and provide the service with a video, which needs to be translated and dubbed. You can either upload the video from your device or put a direct link to the video.

The second step. The next step is a bit harder - you need to specify the details of your order. It means that the service will request you to choose the original language of the video with its dialect, the language the video will be translated, assigned voices, audio/video formats, etc.

The third step. Wait until the service translates the video and download the final result on your device.


Vidby is an innovative way to translate video Ukrainian to English and vice versa. With the help of the service, you can get a lot of benefits, including the reduction of costs, fast delivery time, and translation of high quality.


How long does it take to translate and dub video from Ukrainian to English at vidby?

While using the video translation and dub services of vidby, it is guaranteed that you get the translated and dubbed video from Ukrainian to English and vice versa in a short period of time. The video translation service does the translation within the frame of this language pair 1,000 times faster than other video translation services, which use the traditional approach. This incredible speed is possible because of the applied AI-based software. The approximate time of translating any video from Ukrainian to English is 1:2. This ratio means that the service needs to double the time of the length of the original video. Simply put, a one-minute video fragment will be ready in two minutes.

What is the quality of the translation from Ukrainian to English at vidby?

As the AI-based software is in charge of the video translation process, you probably have doubts about the quality of dubbing and translation. However, there is nothing to worry about - the AI-based software can translate and dub any video from Ukrainian to English and in the opposite direction even better than a real human. And the combination of additional features to improve the quality guarantee the best quality possible.

How accurate is the video translation from Ukrainian to English at vidby?

Considering the aspect of the accuracy of video translation from Ukrainian to English, as well as from English to Ukrainian, it is worth noting that the accuracy rate is 99%. To help people reach the best possible result in this regard, the video translation service vidby has one premium feature - an option to edit transcripts. With the help of the feature, it is getting easier to make the accuracy rate 100%.

How to translate a Ukrainian video into English?

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to translate a Ukrainian video into English (or from English to Ukrainian), the service vidby, which is specialized in video translation and dub, is the best solution. To translate and dub a video from Ukrainian to English, it is necessary to upload your video, specify the parameters of your order, and wait until the AI-based software makes the whole work for you. After that, you can download the translated video on your device.