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Translation of your video from Vietnamese into English in the Vidby service

There are so many languages nowadays, and it is challenging for businesses, universities, governmental bodies, and other institutions to communicate with people. While producing videos is an attractive way to enter a new market and reach new people, the language barrier is a huge pain, especially when you deal with Vietnamese and English.

In this article, we recommend one innovative online video translator that can easily dub and translate Vietnamese video to English. But you need to know about these languages more.

The popularity and complexities of this language pair (Vietnamese-English)

One of the most popular languages is English. With over 400 million native speakers and 1.1 billion fluently speaking persons worldwide, this language, without any doubt, takes the first position in the ranking by the number of people capable of speaking and understanding it to some extent. The main problem for translators is the number of dialects this language has (160). Each dialect has something specific and uncommon from the other dialect, and there is an issue with translating.

Vietnamese is the official language of the citizens of Vietnam. According to the data for 2009, this language was the mother tongue of 76 million people. The total number of people who speak and understand this language is 86.4 million. The complexity of the language lies in both grammar and speaking. Vietnamese has six tones of the tonal language, and each of the tones has its unique meaning. And the incredible number of pronouns has its system, making it difficult to translate the words correctly.

So, this language pair is not that easy even for professional translators, and you can assume that these translators" services will be high. However, vidby, a video translation service, will help you solve this issue.

The algorithm of work: How to translate a video from Vietnamese to English at vidby?

It is not that hard to understand the working algorithm of the Vietnamese to English translation video service vidby and how it translates and dubs videos. The process is completely automatized because AI-based software is in charge of the process.

In the beginning, you need to upload a video you want to translate or put a direct link to the video. After that, you will be asked to specify the details of your order to make sure that the software understands your needs correctly. And the last step - you need to download the translated video.

The additional services to improve the translation from Vietnamese to English

To rely on AI-based software is a good idea, but it is always better to use additional services to improve the quality of translated videos.

A multitude of emotions

The first additional service (tool) that the Vietnamese to English translation video service vidby offers is a technology that allows you to apply different emotions to the voices in the videos. The list of emotions includes:

  • Anger;
  • Joy;
  • Surprise;
  • Fear;
  • Sadness;
  • Disgust.

With the help of these emotions, it is getting easier to make the video translation sound more natural and realistic.

Speech synthesizer

A speech synthesizer is one more assistant to dub and make a video translate Vietnamese to English. This tool generates different voices, like a voice of a child, teenager, adult, and senior. So, the dubbed videos will match the voices of the people in these videos.

What are the benefits of working with vidby?

The possibility to apply multiple emotions and generate different voices is nice to have. However, the video translation service vidby has some more advantages that will benefit your use while dealing with translating and dubbing processes from Vietnamese to English and vice versa.

Quick translation result

In the video translation market, the leader is the one that is capable of providing the fastest delivery time. And it is not surprising because everyone wants to get a result as quickly as possible. vidby guarantees an incredibly fast translation from Vietnamese to English in the opposite direction. With the help of its advanced technology, based on AI, it is possible to translate video Vietnamese to English 1,000 times faster than other video translation services, which rely on the traditional approach and real people. The estimated time can be calculated in the following way - take the total length of the original video and multiply it by two. And that is the time you need to wait. Fascinating, is not it?

Guaranteed quality of video translation

You may assume that the Vietnamese to English translation video service cannot guarantee you the high quality of translation. But this assumption is definitely wrong. Besides the AI-based software, vidby has developed a few additional tools with the purpose of improving the quality of the translated videos. And it works - the combination of the software and these tools positively impacts the video translation quality.

Low cost

Some video translation companies and agencies require you to pay thousands or even dozens of thousands of dollars for their services because hiring professional translators and artists who can translate and dub videos from Vietnamese to English is extremely expensive. The situation with vidby is utterly different. The video translation service applies the advanced technology that replaces all the human work. Thus, you do not need to pay too much, and these savings are substantial.

Different subscription

Another way to reduce the expenses and save your money while translating and dubbing videos from Vietnamese to English is to use a subscription. At vidby, three different subscriptions are designed for customers with different needs.

  • Basis. This plan allows you to deal with short videos and assign one voice only.
  • Extended. It is a more advanced option, with more video minutes and the possibility to assign up to three voices.
  • Professional. This subscription is suitable for customers who constantly deal with the need to translate video Vietnamese to English and vice versa. Moreover, it allows to assign multiple voices (up to 10) and get additional perks.

Editing of transcripts

And the last benefit designed to increase the accuracy rate to its maximum is the opportunity to edit transcripts. This option is available for the users who acquired the Professional subscription. And with the help of this editing, it is a piece of cake to correct the translated transcripts and increase the accuracy rate of the translation.

How to get a translated video from Vietnamese to English?

If you are looking for the ways (good ways) how to make a video translate Vietnamese to English, it is worth considering the video and audio translation service vidby. After going through a few simple and straightforward steps, you will get the needed video.

  1. Upload a video, which is needed to be translated and dubbed, to the service, or place a link to this video into the special line located on the main page of the official website.
  2. Make sure that the video translation service will translate Vietnamese videos into English. To do this, it is necessary to specify the order"s details. In general, this information includes the language of the original video (including its dialect - for more accurate translation), the language you would like to translate the video into (in our case, it is whether English or Vietnamese), the format of the audio (WAV/MP3) and video (MP4/MKV) output, and assigned voices.
  3. After providing the service with the specified information, it is necessary to pay for the video translation service using one of the following payment methods: PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa, Mastercard, or SWIFT transfer. The total sum will be displayed on the same page with the specified information.
  4. Wait until the software is done, and download the video on your personal device.

Just four elementary steps and you will get the translated video from Vietnamese to English or vice versa.


To conclude, it is worth noting that the innovative video translation service vidby has many benefits. More importantly, it allows customers to dub and translate Vietnamese video to English in the fastest way and for the best price ever.


How long does it take to translate a video from Vietnamese to English?

The process of video translation from Vietnamese to English is time-consuming. In some ways, this process can take days, weeks, or even months (this time mostly depends on the total length of the original video). And if you want to accelerate this process, you can use the video translation service vidby, which can make the translation and dub 1,000 times faster. This incredible delivery speed is possible because of the implemented advanced technology based on artificial intelligence.

Is it expensive to translate Vietnamese videos into English at vidby?

The video translation service is not expensive if we talk about the video translation from Vietnamese to English (or vice versa). The AI-based software replaces the need to hire professionals (like translators and artists), and consequently, it helps to cut the expenses significantly. It is easy to save 10x money while giving your preference to vidby.

How to translate a video from Vietnamese to English?

One of the proven and efficient methods to translate Vietnamese videos into English is to visit the official website of vidby and go through three simple steps: upload the video, specify the order details, and download the translated video on your device. Remember that all the video translating and dubbing processes are completely automatized, and you do not need to do almost anything.

What is the quality of video translation from Vietnamese to English at vidby?

As the video translation service vidby relies on advanced technology and innovative tools, the quality of every translated video is excellent. This innovative approach helps to reach almost the perfect accuracy rate in terms of translation and the most natural sounds in terms of dub.