What is vidby audio tracks detector for YouTube subscribers?

What is vidby audio tracks detector for YouTube subscribers?

It's an extension that keeps you informed about the new audio and video tracks in your chosen language(s) uploaded on your favorite YouTube channels.


Who needs vidby YouTube Audio Tracks Detector

Subscribers of YouTube creators who blog in several languages

Users of all ages who watch educational videos on multilingual YouTube channels

Parents of children aged 2-7 who show YouTube cartoons in different languages to their kids

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Multilingual channels examples

Benefits of vidby YouTube Audio Tracks Detector

Convenient management of links to YouTube channels from which the user wants to receive notifications about new videos (and/or their audio tracks) in the target language
Convenient notifications about the time a video in your chosen language(s) is uploaded on the YouTube channels you follow
Easy management of language lists for your notification settings
Ability to quickly learn about the publication of new content in your language without the need to constantly monitor your YouTube account
Recommendations of channels with similar content in the languages of your choice

How does it work?

1st step

Install the Google Chrome extension. To do so, follow this link

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Our Advantages

Easy to use

Notification set-up takes only a few minutes. After that, the extension is fully automatic.

Multi-language audio tracks detection

Unique functionality enables the extension to keep track of specific audio tracks in any chosen language for videos or channels.

Absolutely free

You can add as many languages to the tracker as you want and track an unlimited number of YouTube channels. 


What browsers can use the vidby YouTube Audio Tracks Detector extension?


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