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Subtitles, translation and dubbing
Subtitles only
Subtitles and translation
70+Languages translation
24/7Transfers anywere in world
Translation speed
Data confidentiality
Hight-quality translation


Transparent and low prices for services, no hidden charges
You can check and plan the cost of the project. Our technologies are cost-effective and automatic, enabling services performance at a low cost* which is 40-50% (and more) cheaper than the market prices.
Easy changes to the order. 14-day money-back (refund) guarantee
We know, that sometimes you might want to make changes or adjustments to the final video. Our Team can assist promptly with any problem with the final order. Even If the final result is reasonably bad, we can ensure your money will be returned to you.
4 quality options for different solutions and different purposes
Minimal (AI dubbing) - fully automatic and fast (within minutes).
Middle (AI dubbing) - original transcription is edited by a specialist and the translation is automatic.
High (AI dubbing) - both transcription and translations are reviewed by Vidby specialists.
Excellent (Human dubbing) - transcripts and translations are reviewed by the specialists and voiced by а human actor.
Unique Technologies include:
  • video and audio synchronization
  • dubbing speed control
  • brand name (to leave the sound of the name/title as in English in other languages
  • kids, teenage, and elderly voices
  • translation quality control
  • technologies that can ensure better automatic translation and pronunciation by AI
  • available languages and AI voices

Video examples

Advantages of working with vidby

Increase reach, views and subscribers
Our technologies allow you to get high-quality video translations in over 70 languages. This allows you to successfully bring your videos to the world with all the stories, messages and content.
Achieve higher income and new business ideas
With vidby, you can reach new customers from other countries in no time. Among other things, this opens up new business opportunities and additional revenue from your digital advertising campaigns.
Quick translation result
We have spared no resources in developing a translation software that gives you both quality and speed. The result: one minute of original video is completely translated and dubbed for you in only about two minutes.
Minimum investment, maximum result and quality
With a few clicks, you can get your video translation and dubbing at a cheap rate. No more need for complicated contracts, dubbing artists, sound engineers, translators or expensive studio equipment. Video translation is efficient and cost-effective.

Vidby order types and quality options

The best choice for
  • Promo
  • Advertisement
  • Cartoons
  • Films, shows
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • Dubbing by Actors
The best choice for
  • Internal guides
  • Courses
  • Youtube
  • Educational content
Processed with
  • Full transcription & translation check by experts
  • AI dubbing
The best choice for
  • No face videos
  • Tutorials
  • Social media reels
  • Quick translation
Processed with
  • Transcription check & adaptation by experts
  • AI translation + dubbing
The best choice for
  • Understand Video
  • First touch with AI
  • Draft translation
  • Test the service
Processed with
  • No human involvement
  • Full AI mode

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video subtitling & translation servicesSubtitles, translation, and dubbing
subtitle serviceSubtitles only
subtitling translation servicesSubtitles with translation
subtitling translation servicesDocument translation
Video length
Source language
English (United Kingdom)
New language
Dubbing byquestion
Voice actor
Actors` voices
Translation accuracy
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actorNot available for AI/AI with cloned voice
Check of the translation by a specialist, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Check of speech recognition by a specialist, automatic translation, automatic voice actingNot available for voice actor
Fully automaticNot available for voice actor
By yourself (self-editing time added to production time)
Check of the translation by a specialist and dubbing by а human actor
Create an order
By myself
Order creation
Number of orders
Production time4 days
New files1 min
Order cost$30.90

What our customers say

Elyne Hager
Elyne Hager

Branding und Content Marketing

Läderach AG
vidby is excellent for training our global employees. We have never been able to produce our how-to videos as easy and understandable as with vidby.
Stepan Mykhailov
Stepan Mykhailov


Air Media-Tech
As Vidby platform can be useful for our work with a global of creators (from 44 countries) as well as for collaboration of our own team (240 employees in 5 countries), enabling translation into 67 languages and 60 dialects, we currently discuss deeper cooperation and strategic partnership with Vidby. We expect this enhanced collaboration to help both our companies to scale rapidly. Full text here
Eray Müller
Eray Müller

Senior Communications Manager

Siemens Schweiz AG
Practical, fast and good translation solution for internal use of employee videos.
Silvan Merki
Silvan Merki

Chief Communications Officer

Implenia AG
I have tested the automated translation with some videos - also in less frequently used language. The translation is very fast and already amazingly good in quality - the whole context absolutely well understandable.
Mike Fuhrmann
Mike Fuhrmann

Chief Communications Officer

Generali AG
Effective tool, which can be used well for simple, internal educational videos.


How long to wait for order fulfillment?

Average lead time is 1-2 minutes of waiting for 1 minute of original video.

What translation are supported?

This is a list of translation languages that we support.

What is the quality of the translation?

There are two options for ordering and, accordingly, quality. Option 1. Fully automatic translation will make it possible to understand the meaning of the video, but it will contain errors. Option 2. Manual checking and editing of the transcript in our convenient editor. If you edit the result of speech recognition, then the quality of translation into all languages will be very good and practically will not be inferior to a person.

Can I order transcripts and translations from you to be checked by people to get high quality?

Yes, for this now you need to contact us and pay a separate invoice. Soon it will be possible to do this directly at the time of ordering.

What are the best videos for translation?

For the best translation quality, it is better to use a video with good voice recording quality, clear and intelligible speech, the whole video should be in one language, only one person speaks at a time.

Which videos are not recommended to be translated?

We do not recommend translating such videos: humor, videos in which speech is against the background of loud music or extraneous noises, where several people speak at the same time, where emotions and intonation need to be conveyed, several languages ​​are used, terms or words from other languages ​​are used, jargon, obscene vocabulary.

Where can i contact if i have additional questions?

Please contact our support team

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